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Will my love come back

You can get your love back if you are really dedicated to it. The way you can get your love back is not simple. But it’s not impossible. In this post, I am going to share some tips & remedies.

Before you try these tips you must know why you lost your love. There could be numerous valid or invalid reasons behind it.

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Personal reasons & practical solutions losing the love relations

In relationships, we sometimes don’t care about our relationship. Sometimes in quarrel, we say the wordings that directly affect your partner in mind. The same wording may take strong emotional activities that you might not aware of. Which is not expressable. You have to inspect it. Ask yourself whether you are responsible for hurting someone deeply or not. If you are successful to find such a reason you must have a clear way to clear the doubts between you both. If the ego is a problem there are solutions also. You know better. In other personal problems, you might be raising issues on small things, doubts, or conflicts. The same could be from the side of your partner also. If you have control over the circumstances its really easy to get back your love because you can take the first move for the settlement.

But anyhow I am sharing the remedies that really work & tested in practical life. So let’s look for the reason.

Love Marriage Prediction by date of birth

Reasons in your horoscope

If your horoscope has many planets in 5th house you will have several relationships during your lifespan. But If you have no one planet in 5th hosue and no one planet aspect on 5th house it means you will do all efforts to save your relationship.

If you have 5th house lord in D9 chart at the same position, same zodiac, same house you will get your love back.

If the 7th house Lord has a place change with 5th house lord you will get your love back.

There are many other rules of astrology who tells you will get your love back or not. But all that rules we cannot share in this limited space.

Love Marriage Prediction

How to get your love back

If you want your love back email us your story & we have some personalized remedies. The remedies will work if the following things are true.

  • If your partner loves you and someone has changed his / her mind.
  • If you still love each other.
  • If your engagement was broken and you want your partner.
  • If your marriage broke up & you want your love back.
  • If you are married and someone else is the reason for your relationship problems.
  • If you both are married but now your partner is not interested in you.

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