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Myself Ashok Prajapati and I am available online for rendering my services as an Astrologer. Astrology is such an art which is still struggling for its survival.  This art has not got the deserved name and fame as it ought to have got it. From the experience it is learnt that though the astrology has become online but some people are in the process of minting the money under the garb of the astrology.

Astrologers receive many complaints that the astrology is fake, it really hurts the people who are in the noble work of doing services to the art of astrology. But it is not easy to deceive the wise persons who keep their eye and ears open.

Who is Genuine astrologer

If any person has to take the help of the services of any astrologer then it not easy for him to find a genuine astrologer? Sometimes, one has to ask the question that when he will get married or when he will get a job. And there are many questions which are to be asked by different persons.  As genuine astrologer can only answer the question in a rightful manner, otherwise there is a great risk of misguiding of the innocent people. Is there any one who can answer each and every thing in one phone call? No one has time in today’s world.

Why Me In this regard I would like to state that it has always been my routine or habit to reply the email asking questions immediately as soon as I get it.   There is no harm if the answer is received immediately at a nominal fee. I also assure that the question will be answered only on the basis of astrology and the person will be given the detailed reasons for his problem and for the solutions.

Answer just a click away.  It all happens at my place. If you have any curiosity, if you one question in your heart , if you need special  muharat  ( to start any business, trade or  any work , i.e. marriage , namkaran etc.) , then don’t go any where , just contact me . I assure that you will net be get disappointed.

Only make a call/mail me after paying the advanced consultancy fee. Your problem will be solved immediately.

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