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Gemstone Astrology. 3 Best Gemstones for Wealth and Prosperity

3 Best Gemstone for money and prosperity. Astrology Answers

Many times people ask this question to tell me one or two gemstones, which is the best, which may help me to gain a lot of money, wealth & prosperity and may help me to become rich.  With Gemstone Astrology, we can predict which gemstones are good for which need.

  • There is nothing wrong with this question because everyone wants to be rich without much effort. Sometimes people become the victim of fraudulent people. These fraudulent people allure them to make rich within one night.  I will try to answer this question on the basis of the facts.
  • Friends, I want to bring one thing to your notice that you should always remember that no gemstone is the best or worse. Each gemstone is complete in itself. Each gem is associated with some particular planet. Each gemstone is associated with some particular zodiac. When a planet is weak in one’s horoscope and is not able to give good results. At that time, through the gem, we strength that weak planet to get desired results. Wearing a gemstone related to a weak planet helps in removing the weaknesses of that planet. As a result, we get the full and positive results of that planet.
  • So we were talking about which the three best gemstones are, which are having the capacity to bring wealth and prosperity. According to astrology, I try to give the answer you, first let us start with Topaz.


It is a gem of the planet Jupiter but if any person wants to wear it for wealth and prosperity then it is not necessary that it will help him to be the rich. It will helpful for the people of Scorpio sign. When Scorpio people wear topaz then it will give them wealth and prosperity. This is because Jupiter is the lord of the eleventh place and the second place in the horoscope of Scorpio and both these are related to wealth. Both these houses representing wealth and prosperity. Therefore, wearing the topaz is especially beneficial to the Scorpio zodiac by the grace of Jupiter. Topaz should be worn in a gold ring on auspicious time on Thursday.


Sapphire is a very famous Gem. There are many misconceptions about it that sapphire does a lot of harm if it is not suited. But time and again I have said that no Gem is auspicious or inauspicious. Every gem is associated with a planet and zodiac. Sapphire is the gem of Saturn. If a person wants to wear sapphire for wealth and prosperity then people with Aries should wear it. This is because Saturn is the lord of the tenth and eleventh place in the horoscope of Aries. There is Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac in the tenth and eleventh house respectively of the horoscope of Aries. The lord of these sign is Saturn. The tenth and eleventh places are associated with wealth and action. Therefore, sapphire makes a special contribution to providing wealth and prosperity to the people of Aries. Sapphire should be worn in an iron or silver ring inauspicious time on Saturday.


Ruby is the Gemstone which is associated with the planet Sun, but it has to be worn for wealth and prosperity, then it especially benefits the people of Cancer zodiac. People of Cancer can wear Ruby in copper or gold ring for wealth and prosperity. The reason for this is that the Leo sign is placed in the second house of the horoscope of Cancer and the second house represents the money. Along with this, Sun is also the supremacist of lord of Cancer sign the Moon planet. For these reasons, ruby give ​​benefits to people with Cancer zodiac. Rubies should be worn in a copper or gold ring on auspicious time on Sunday.


Friends, this was information about 3 important gems. The subject of wearing Gem is very broad and complex one. Gemstones itself are very powerful and very effective. If you want to wear them, do not wear them without the advice of any learned and qualified astrologer of this field. Because Gem is worn after checking the horoscope to make a weak planet strong. The gem is worn to provide strength to a weak planet. If you wear a Gemstone without any such knowledge, then it may harm you. It is possible that you can strengthen an enemy, sinful planet that will increase problems for you. Therefore, once again my humble advice to you is to wear it with the advice of a learned person. In this connection, I would like to tell you that if you are facing any problem and want a solution through Gemstone and looking for Gemstone Astrology, then after seeing your horoscope we will suggest you the appropriate Gem and if you wish, we will also provide you with the flawless gemstone.

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