First meeting with Girls Side for Marriage

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Remember these points in First Meeting with Girl Side for Marriage

If you are going to consider someone as your life partner in the first meeting with girl side you should remember a couple of things which will help you in marriage settlement. Because there are certain sweet and sour experiences that one gets while going for a new relationship that remain in memories forever. It is therefore important to take care of certain points that are beneficial to avoid unwanted situations.

In First Meeting Your behavior is Important

In First Meeting with Girl Side Your Behavior is Important

Try to be your true self. This will help to avoid any type of mistake and even if the relation is fixed in future than there is no need to show off.

Balanced Reaction in first meeting

Balanced Reaction will be appreciated in first meeting

During the first meeting, the other side is always under pressure and therefore chances of small mistakes are there. It is not required to react on small things as this will give the other side an impression of your personality. It is better to neglect such small things.

First Meeting with Girl – Its not her Interview

First Meeting with Girl Side Its Not Her Interview

While talking to each other, your tone should not reflect as if you are taking interview of the other person. Have a perfect balance in the tone. Your questions should not be look like question. For Example if you want to ask how much educated you are then you can ask this in the way, You seems to be a graduate. In answer she will definitely clear your doubts without hesitation.

The given directions above are based on my own experience. You might be or might not be agree with my points but whatever it is, I just want to share my thoughts so I did. Here is couple of things where astrology helps in this matter. 

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Those who have already declined a lot of Girls for marriage

Rejected marriage proposal

In case you have met with number of girls before than it is a fact that you have to say no for the relation every time that might hurt the feeling of the other person. Marriage is a kind of sacred bond and it is better to tie the knot without hurting so many people. For this, it is important that you consider horoscope matching before going for meeting so that you can get the idea of how your life partner will be as per the horoscope. It is advisable so that you need not to compromise with looks after a certain age as that will be your fault and luck could not be blamed for this.

Working lady or Housewife by astrology


Several people have the desire to marry with a housewife and therefore relationship is rejected in most of the cases just because the girl wants to continue her job. Your horoscope can give idea as whether life partner will be a housewife.

If you are in Government Job

There are cases when those who are in government job want the girl who is a government employee. If you are in search of such a relation but have not get success yet then consult astrology.

With its help, you can get the idea of how long you have to wait for the desired relation. You may also find that your relation could have been fixed way before if you would have consulted astrologer. There are cases where people desire the girl to have certain qualities such as good at cooking or having a good height or beautiful face. Some people specific requirement from the girl that they could not compromise at any cost.

Things you cannot compromise in your partner

But need not to forget that if you really like your partner than you accept to compromise as well on certain things. It is therefore better not to be in a hurry, take the advice from astrology and get the idea of how your future life is going to be. Some people want to live abroad and have desire that the girl also live with them or with their parents. This could also be learned from astrology as whether the partner will live with them or not.


Do not leave all the things on the things you stuck. Take the help of astrology instead and get the solution of your problems. After all today or tomorrow you might needs the help of astrology. So why not on right time?





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