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Fake horoscope or kundali matching

Fake Horoscope or Kundali Matching

Imagine a marriage proposal has come to a person for his daughter. As the proposal is good and everyone in the house was willing to convert this proposal into marriage. Now the groom side party comes to see the bride and express their consent. The bride’s father want to match his daughter’s horoscope with boy’s horoscope. They ask the groom’s father for the same. A scholar astrologer do the work of horoscope matching for both the bride & groom, he declared it is good match. The marriage is fixed. After marriage everything was not well, later they come to know that the there was something wrong in matching of horoscope.

Accurate Birth Time for Kundali Matching

This is the story of majority of Indian family. The same was happened to the Mishra family of Delhi. In the month of January 2013 this family came to me. I myself saw the horoscope of their son. I questioned what he does (occupation). They said that he is an engineer in a company at Gurgaon. I was surprised as per the situation the placement of Saturn must be in the tenth house of the horoscope but it is in the 11th house. After reading horoscope I declared there is no Manglik Dosha in the horoscope, Venus is also good in the horoscope. I said as 26 points are similar in boy & girl’s horoscope therefore there is no problem in marriage. But I had some doubt and I checked the boy’s birth time. His birth time was 8.45 in the night and after 25 minutes there were some changes in the Ascendant. The placement of Saturn in horoscope will change if the boy’s birth time is 9.10 P.M. or after it. The Saturn will be in the tenth house instead of 11th house. My point is that the planetary position in his birth chart was indicating that he is not engineer but if birth time increase up to 1 hour then there is similarity between his occupation & planetary position in his horoscope.

In the horoscope of Engineer Saturn will placed in the ascendant or in the tenth house or impact of Saturn will be on ascendant or on tenth house in the Shodashvarg. In other words, we can easily come to know that horoscope is wrong or right.

For the marriage purpose & to hide the defect, fault & imperfections in the horoscope some people manipulate in the birth time. It is very surprising that how the people are misusing the astrology for their selfishness & interests.

After reading the horoscope if all astrologers are telling about any defect then the related person will do something to hide the same defect. It is quite possible, then what should we do? I can say & suggest only one thing i.e. astrologer & concerned person should not jump to any conclusion in hurry.

Nowadays no one has the time, everyone wants the quick decision. Sometimes astrologers ignore & overlook the small but important things. Through computer within minutes they check about the Manglik Dosh & Gun Milaan and come to conclusion. For the sake of Astrology this type of practice should be stopped.


How to mach horoscope – The essential points

I think for the matching of horoscope it requires minimum 30 minutes time. If the astrologers are giving you the result within 5 minutes then it is very serious & matter of worry. Some important things are as follows:-

  • The Ascendent tells us about the character of Native. For the marriage purpose the character is very important. After reading the Ascendant, Zodiac sign and Hora Chakra come.
  • It is very easy to declare whether the Native is Manglik or Non Manglik but in some cases full Manglik person are married to Partial Manglik person. If there is difference of 70 points in the density of Manglik then Matching of horoscope is not good.
  •  The fifth house of the horoscope tells us about the children of the Native. Whether the Native would have children in future or not? This is very important for the person who marriage for the sake of children only. Some people remarriage only for the sake of scion only.
  • It seems very ambiguous but the Astrologer & Native should get it confirm about more than one marriages.
  •  It is restricted in the astrology to tell about the age but I think astrologer may indicate about the less age.
  • If you have considered above all aspects then you will definitely get the very good life partner.
  • If the horoscope is matched properly then the Native can avoid the problem of divorce and there will be no case related to husband-wife quarrel in the court.
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