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Dream Prediction if I see my ex girlfriend in my dreams

Dream Prediction if I see my ex girlfriend in my dreams

Usually, people ask me I see my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend in my dreams what will be effect & what will be the prediction if I see my ex-lover in my dreams. This is about dream astrology of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend.

My present article is based meeting with the lover or the girlfriend in the dream. Everybody would want to know the result of such a dream in which he/she met with his separated love. Naturally, you will be interested in knowing the meaning of this dream. You may have had separation from your girlfriend (in case of the boy) or boyfriend (in case of the girl) and you met with the same in dreams and when you wake up you felt very good. No doubt everybody sees this type of dreams; no one can say that such type of dream has never come to him. But believe me, such type of dream gets very good results. If you have seen such a dream, then surely in near future your any desire is going to fulfill.

Dream of Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Boyfriend

Meeting with ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend in the dream is considered auspicious. You will get the happiness from the unexpected events.

Now we consider another aspect of this type of dream. You met with love one in the dream but instead of feeling happy it seems a bad experience for you. When you wake up you felt bad. There is no doubt that meeting with love one in dreams is always good but if you felt bad after awakening then also your desire will be fulfilled but you will feel lack of something or flaw.

I mean to say that the better you feel in the dream of meeting with your love, the better the result will be and the more you feel bad, the lesser the good result from the future event. But the dream of meeting with beloved or lover is considered good at all times. Even you should not consider the death of your lover or beloved bad omen. If you see the death of your love then it means that your desire will be fulfilled at a time when you no longer need of it.

Ex-Girlfriend or ex-boyfriend in dreams is always auspicious

We may consider the auspicious or inauspicious results based on your dreams if you think changes in relationship may come with love. But meeting with ex-lover or ex-beloved is not a negative sign. But you take it as a good sign as the meeting with ex-lover or ex-beloved is going to open new avenue for you in near future.

You may not forget your face how you look at the college time. Even a memory of college brings the smile on your face. You should remember happy moments instead of bad memory. If you think your past life was good, pleasant and full of good memory then there is no doubt that you will often see the dreams related to your past life.

Breakup with beloved or lover in the dream

Breakup with beloved or lover in the dream is not much important but it makes you restless & uneasy. This type of dream indicates that extra efforts are required from your side to keep the relationship in the healthy position. I don’t think it is connected with the breakup in reality. But I assure you if you see a breakup in the relationship in dreams it is going to strengthen your ties with beloved or lover. The placement of Venus in your horoscope is the base of this type of dreams. Apart from this, the ninth house of your horoscope is also going to affect you in near future.