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Dreams as per astrology

Dreams as Intuition

Intuition is to know in advance what is going to happen in future in any way. This happens to those, in whose Janam Kundli Shani, Guru & Rahu is affecting Lagna. If we assume Shani is the reason of incidents then Guru is the knowledge we anticipate in the form of intuition. People forebode with the help of dreams, contemplation, and specific movements of animals, through birds or self assessment. Even if we manage to forebode we cannot avoid any incident to happen but can be alert.

So we need to follow those signs which indicate future happenings. It is not possible to write down everything about it but some special situations can be mentioned.  According to my personal experience, every person would have intuition but not everybody feels it. I go to mention some Good Omens and some Bad Omens here. This is for your own knowledge only. If you have any suggestion or comments then pls. do let me know through below given comment box.

 Disease or Trouble

Spilling of boiling milk indicates minor accident or Tension. Spilling of wine indicates  disasterCracks in wall of house  means a big trouble is around the corner.

Money Gain or Money Loss

Spilling of water indicates imminent financial gain.

Signs of Death

dog or Cats wail  is a sign of bad news. If a person looks like a dead body when asleep, it indicates imminent death.  If you are not able to see your reflection in the water then it means death is very near. Your clock stops time to time then it means any bad news is about to come.

Intuition through Dreams

If bad dreams continue to bother you daily it indicates you are suffering from any sinful planet. Quickly do a remedy for this.

To see your own death in dreams means a sign of the dignity and freedom from disease.

If you see fire in dreams then be careful something harmful is going to happen.

To see yourself climbing at high altitude means impending Promotion, Business Expansion, Promotion in Job or you are about to buy a big thing.

Feeling more drowsy, To see pleasant dreams or you see yourself sitting/standing on a high altitude it means responsibilities are about to come or you will spend a fortune on some auspicious task/work.

To see fruit in dreams indicates child birth.

To see any animal attacks on you in dreams indicate, be careful somebody can harm you or can put you in trouble.

To see water in dreams is a sign of growth in your Bank Balance. To see yourself in sky or travel by Aero plane indicates sudden financial gain.

To see Greenery/Nature in dreams indicates Prosperity and freedom from Debt.

To see yourself crying in dreams is a sign of ecstasy.

To step up a ladder in dreams means Promotion and your prestige will spreads. To step down a ladder means you will have to struggle.

If you also feel intuition in your daily routine just share your thoughts in the form below. 

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