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Directions for marriage in Horoscope

Directions for marriage

By direction, I am not only telling you by East and West but sometimes we seek our partner in the wrong direction. Many people want a working lady and many girls wish to have a good and educated housewife for marriage. Sometimes people ignore very good marriage proposals against their need like if a lady has some affair in her past and boy come to know, they do not respond. Many people are unmarried because of people behind them backbites and miss guide when someone inspects from the neighborhood. Many girls who are not good looking but well settled waiting for marriage and people come, say nothing and disappear. But I have seen many girls who are good looking but not settled. They too ignored by the boy side. Your horoscope can tell you when will you get married and to whom. (Will explain everything)

Recently I found a person who was seeking for a person in government job. Her daughter is recently married in the age of 34. I asked the reason they told me that they were seeking for someone who have government job. They wanted the person should be settled abroad. Her daughter was looking for a handsome and good looking person who is the only son. Moreover they was looking for a person who is settled in big city. In the end they have just decided to accept a person if good by family and career aspects.

That is a very painful situation when girl side is waiting for an answer but boy side don’t say any Yes or No by keeping them hold. They keep you on hold and searching for a better match. For the father of a daughter, this is a difficult time they spend with a hope.

Sometimes horoscopes are too critical and match hardly with someone. And when pandit says ‘Yes’ some other problem comes in the way. Due to this back & forth parents try to ignore horoscope and compromise with the circumstances. Because if they will follow the horoscope, marriage will get more delayed and if they follow horoscope matching, Pandit very easily decline horoscope by saying, a boy is Manglik or Girl is Manglik. Astrology has solutions for every bad yoga. There are celebrities who are horoscopes does not match but they are living happily. The reason is while matchmaking the astrologer did not look into with depth of details.

Your Horoscope always refers to a direction where you will meet your life partner. I have some simple tips to interpret a life partner. I hope you know the basic rules of a horoscope, if not please refer to horoscope basics.

 Handsome Husband or Beautiful Wife by Horoscope.

Beautiful wife & Handsome Husband

If you are looking for a good looking and beautiful wife or handsome husband, check your Navmansh. If your Navmansh has Benefic planets in a 1st house, your life partner will be good looking and attractive personality. In Jathagam If a 7th house has the benefic planet you will surely married with a beautiful wife or handsome husband. But if you have malefic planets in the same houses of the horoscope, do not waste your time seeking such a life partner because you won’t get success.

NRI or foreign settled life partner

If you are seeking a life partner who should be settled abroad check your Navmansh. Lord of 3, 6, 8 and 12th house are analyzed for foreign settlement. If these houses exchange their lord, relates to Jupiter (Ladies horoscope) & Venus (Men’s horoscope) after marriage you will go abroad with your husband. As many planets will be in these houses, more will be chances of foreign settlement.

when will I get married by horoscope

Businessman or Serviceman?

Some ladies seek for a life partner who has established a business. For business, we see Mercury first. If your Navmansh horoscope has strong mercury in 1,4,7,10 house, your husband will be a businessman. If your Mercury is weak in Navmansh, do not let your husband get into the business.

Working Lady or Housewife

People seeking for working lady would have a special thing in their Navmansh that is Venus. If Venus is in 1, 2, 9, 11th house of horoscope your wife would be a working lady. If your Venus is in 3, 6, 10 or 12th house of horoscope she will be a housewife.

Husband’s Government Job in your horoscope

Check-in Navmansh, if the lord of 9th house and lord of 10th house are sitting together, have an aspect on each other, relates to each other or in self-house then your husband will be in a government job.


As per my experience, only one thing is important. Astrology can help you to seek your life partner in the right direction. If a rich husband is not in your fate, you should not struggle. If your horoscope says you will get married to a housewife, you should try hard for a working lady. When you go against your fate, your fate takes you away. If you look in the right direction, you reach your destination in less time.

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