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Depression by astrology

Depression by astrology

Nowadays, you would have observed that more & more people are suffered from mental illness, tension & depression etc. This is happening due to not being able to balance with the fast pace of life. Willingly or unwillingly when the suffered people go to the doctors for treatment, the doctors prescribe the tablet or medicines which are nothing but intoxicated-drugs. These medicines relieve stress and give immediate relief from the tension and bring sleep.

In this regard, astrology says that if the Moon in the horoscope of a person is weak no doubt he will be suffered from mental depression, mental stress. The reason behind this conception is that the Moon is considered as the Mind. If the Moon is weak in the horoscope of a person, no doubt he will be suffered from mental depression. Such a situation arises strongly if Moon comes under the bad influence of one or more planets in the horoscope. This is what all the scholars of astrology say and no doubt it is true.

But Moon alone is not responsible for the mental illness; on the basis of my personal experience, I have seen that for the state of mental depression, the shadow planet Ketu is also not less responsive. The mysterious Rahu and Ketu are considered to be the Shadow Planets. Both Rahu & Ketu put their evil influence on the person related to Moon and Sun. Even a person who is not related to the Moon or the Sun fully yet he can’t escape from the evil influence of both Rahu & Ketu. Such people have to face the evil effect of Rahu Ketu, in other words, they rarely receive any auspicious results from Rahu-Ketu.

Apart from this, one important thing is that the people of sun and moon zodiacs are very emotional and sometimes their emotional attachment becomes their enemy. And when the effect of Rahu or Ketu falls on them, the situation also worsens, they come under the state of mental depression and mental stress.

As you know, the zodiac sign in which the Moon sits in the horoscope is called the birth zodiac sign of the person. Let’s try to know zodiac sign in which mental depression increases or decreases when the same occupied by the Moon. Here is the detail about all zodiac sign’s how they fight with depression.

  • Aries: – Mars is the lord of this zodiac sign. It has been found that Aries people are very less who suffer from mental illnesses because they do not lose time in thinking, rather they do what they want to do.
  • Taurus: Like Aries People of Taurus rarely come in the grip of mental illness because they least bother for anyone. More explicitly, taking care of others is not in their nature.
  • Gemini: – People of Gemini are considered to be very strong mentally. Even a ghost appears in front of them then they will consider him as a deceit or play. You can say that they don’t become familiar with the fear.
  • Cancer:- The lord of this sign is Moon. In this regard, I have already said that the chances of suffering from mental depression and stress are highest in the people of Cancer. In case, the Sun and Moon are weak in the horoscope then it is certain they will suffer from mental illness.
  • Leo: – This sign belongs to Sun, in other words, Sun is the lord of this zodiac.  The people of this zodiac don’t tolerate anything against their will & mind. Therefore, they have to struggle a lot in the life as well as society. If Rahu and Ketu influence this sign in the horoscope then it is certain that they will suffer from mental disorders.
  • Virgo: – The people of Virgo are passionate, but they are skilful in hiding their emotions. They will shed tears alone, but will never express their feelings in front of someone. It implies that they deal with the constant constraints of mental pressure, depression but don’t let it dominate. They will throw out the stress of their mind instead of keeping it in the mind.
  • Libra: – The people of Libra zodiac are mentally strong. They live on the realm of reality; they know very well what is harmful to them and what is beneficial. That is why they keep on tending their thoughts. Mental disorders remain away from them.
  • Scorpio: People of Scorpio are mentally strong. But still it cannot be said that they will never suffered from mental stress. If the moon is weak and ascendant is affected by Rahu and Ketu, then they may come under mental problems. Yet it can be said that they recover from the state of mental depression early and it don’t dominate so much.
  • Sagittarius: People of Sagittarius do not lose their time on thinking more like the people of Aries. If they think, then the scope of their thinking will be large. Because of this attitude they are not seen suffered from mental illness.
  • Capricorn: – People of Capricorn believe in be happy and share happiness with others. In case any person of Capricorn is ever under pressure he will get rid from it without losing time. They save themselves from these things.
  • Aquarius: People of Aquarius are of serious nature. But they take care of the fact that nothing should be taken as serious which has adverse effects on their health, especially mental health. Precaution is in their nature, they control their mind. With Rahu and Ketu, there is no enmity to the Saturn lord of Aquarius, so the chances of mental illness are less, which means only in special circumstances or in exceptions they may fall under mental pressure.
  • Pisces: People of Pisces are very emotional. Their own mind is their friend and enemy. Their mind takes them into a world of fantasy. Most of the poets, artists are from Pisces therefore, they express their sadness through poetry or art. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. Though Jupiter is not friendly planet with Rahu-Ketu but still the mental depression is found very less in the people of Pisces.

According to the above explanation, you would have understood that only 2 zodiac signs are likely to suffer from mental depression. They are Cancer and Leo. The reason for this is that the lord of these zodiac signs is the moon and sun, which has hostility with Rahu-Ketu.

If you are also suffering from mental depression, you are going through the stages of stress. You feel that the planets in your horoscope are unfavorable and you are affected by Rahu-Ketu, fill the details of your birth date etc. in the form below. You are assured that you will find the answer to your question. It will be our complete endeavor that you will be protected from the state of mental torture. We will try our best to suggest you any remedy, provide you any remedy as per your requirement.

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