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Paap Kartari Yoga - Marriage Delay Reason

Delay in Marriage – Paap Kartari Yoga

Are you worried due to delay in marriage? In the present article I would try to explain the Astrology Yog responsible for the delay in marriage and found in the 60% people with marriage delay yoga in horoscope. So many youth come to me with the question when I will get married. They want to know about the planet & Yoga in their horoscope which is responsible for this situation. Their everyday pass in hope of marriage.

When i will get married

In the modern society there in no upper age fix for the marriage. Even the 18 years old boys & girls come to me and ask is there any Yog of marriage in their horoscope? There is no doubt that a good astrologer can easily tell the possible marriage Yog after reading the horoscope of the native. But in each horoscope there are different marriage Yog. If there is any Yog of delayed marriage then no doubt there will be delayed in the marriage and if there is any Yog of early age then definitely marriage will take place at the early age.

There is astrological Yog of delay marriage in which marriage takes place after the age of 35 years. This Yog is very common among the 60% unmarried person. It is called Paap Kartari Yog. Paap Kartari Yog plays an important role in the cases of delayed marriage.

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Paap Kartari Yog – An introduction

Paap Kartari Yog means the placement of Malefic planet after or before Benefic planet.

You will see this Yog almost in the all the horoscope. This Yog ruin the at least one Benefic planet. The Native do not get any auspicious results or fruits related to that planet. If the Native wear the Gem Stone of that ruined planet then he may get some relief. But I will suggest you to wear any Gem Stone with the advice of Lucky Stone specialist. We may also pacify this Yog with Beej Mantra (Spell) of the related malefic planet.

You can see the Paap Kartari Yog in the given horoscope chart of a girl who is unmarried. Her date of birth is 03.11.1986 and time is 01.10 A.M. Ascendant is Leo, Jupiter is in the seventh house of the chart. Although it is said that the placement of Jupiter in the seventh house of the horoscope is auspicious but one should also keep in the mind that Jupiter becomes the zero power in this house. This house belongs to Venus known for luxury. Jupiter is said to be the Guru of gods as per the Indian mythology & a natural benefic planet like Jupiter does not have any relation with the luxury. Jupiter become unable to give any good result in the seventh house and could not help this girl in getting marriage. However the advantage of the Jupiter may be taken by strengthening Jupiter through Vedic Mantra (Spell).

Mars & Rahu both are ferocious planets. If any house of the horoscope or any planet comes between the both planets then the same become very week. In this horoscope birth chart Mars is in the Capricorn zodiac sign and Rahu is in the Pisces zodiac sign. Aquraious zodiac sign has come between the Mars & Rahu and it is badly affected by the both malefic planets. The Aquraious sign is placed in the seventh house which represents the marriage & life partner. These two reasons are enough for the delay in the marriage of this girl.

Paap Kartari Yoga - Marriage Delay Reason

This Native of this horoscope fell into the love of a boy and both decided to marriage. But the boy’s parents were not ready for this marriage, they opposed. Finally, boy married with the girl of his parent’s choice but this girl decided never to marriage. Everyone knows about their love story that’s why her parents could not found any suitable match for her.

Three Paap Kartari Yog are very clearly visible in this horoscope chart.

1.      Venus, Moon the benefic planet are between the malefic Katu, Saturn & Sun.

2.      The Fifth house known for love, romance is between the malefic planet Saturn & Mars.

3.      The Seventh house known for marriage between the malefic Mars & Rahu.

4.      If go more deeply then we can come to know that the distance between Saturn & Sun is 30 degree which is affecting Venus & Moon badly. This situations creating the Paap Kartari Yog of Saturn & Sun also.

You can see in the picture that how the Paap Kartari Yog comes into existence.

Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are malefic planet. There is difference of opinion among the astrologer about Ketu whether Ketu is malefic or benefic. But one thing is very clear that whenever any benefic planet comes between Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu in the horoscope of any person then the Native do not get the full benefit of the benefic planet.

Marriage Delay Remedies

For marriage delay there are many remedies on the internet. Even you can see mantras and other remedies for free. But no guarantee what will work for you. If you really want assurance just provide your full birth details and send to me so I can analyze what will work for you. Every horoscope have different reason for delay in marriage. So remedies should be done in the direction of an expert.

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