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Delay in marriage

Delay in Marriage

Delay in marriage is usually happen and there are a lot of reason behind this. Some people dont care and keep delaying the marriage until its too late. And sometimes this delay is unwanted, due to planets. Astrology can help you to find a reason of delay in your marriage.

Marriage delay for Girls

If your daughter, sister or you yourself facing delay in marriage your horoscope must have a reason. For your knowledge I am going to share some tips so you can check yourself why this delay is happening.

Know when will you get married

The Jupiter is the key planet for marriage and husband in the horoscope of girls. The Saturn is the planet who run very slow on its path. The speed always matters in the astrology. The Moon is fastest planet and Saturn is slowest one. So here is the point.  Its speed always give its effect on the planet related or near to Saturn. If you are female and your Jupiter is affected by Saturn in horoscope, the delay in marriage will happen.

Solution for delay in your marriage

Now if you have the same problem found in your horoscope you should apply this remedy. Saturn is a special planet who wants to see you keep waiting until its too late. When the native is tired and fed up of it then only Saturn leave its effect. What you need to do is leave the efforts and let it happen. Don’t wait for marriage and assume you are already fed up and lose hope. Put the things of marriage related stuff in a wooden box and keep it away from your reach for some time. It means you are no longer waiting for marriage and ready to wait for long time. Just within 1-2 months marriage will take place.

Alternatively you can wear the Gem stone of Saturn which is Blue Sapphire but make sure it is suitable for you.

Marriage delay for Girls

Men’s who are waiting for marriage from a long time should also have a reason of marriage delay in horoscope. But in their horoscope the key planet is Venus. If the Venus is affected by Saturn the marriage would be delayed. One more thing is in horoscope the 7th house if also get affected by Saturn the marriage take place after a lot of struggle. There are a lot of planetary positions in horoscope responsible for delay in marriage but here I cannot quote all that and giving the basic thing only.

Solution for your marriage delay

This is a coconut remedy for marriage delay so you need to take an old coconut and cut it from top so it has a whole inside and the cutting part you can use as cap on it. Now fill this coconut with mixture of grain or whatever is best for insects like Ants. Now fill it to the top and put the cap on its place and dig the pit. Keep it inside and cover the soil. Now wait for couple of days. Within 2-3 months your marriage will take place.

Alternatively you can chant the following mantra for 43 days.

Patni manorama dehi, manovritta nusarinim !

Taarinim durg sansaarasya kulodbhwam!!”

In Hindi

पत्नी मनोरमा देहि मनो वृत्तानुसारिणीम

तारिणीम दुर्ग संसार सागरस्य कुलोद्भ्वाम

This mantra is for marriage delay for boys only.

I can understand everyone cannot read horoscope and that is not your work. You can find best person to find out why your marriage is getting delayed.

If something you are not understand use the form below. You can also apply for marriage prediction and expect your detailed report on email.

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  1. Hello sir,
    Thanks for your earlier answer,
    I have asked you in 2013 about my marraige and you have said me that it will be in 2014. But sir the 2014 is running so I want to know about the month in which I will marry? and I also know about my would be? and the prospects would be from which side?
    Thanks for your response.

  2. Hello Sir, my brothers details r :
    dob : 15/06/1983
    place : moradabad ( u.p.)
    time : 04:45 am
    Pls tell me about his marriage age and job …. TY …

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