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Career Path According to Astrology

Decide your career path according to your horoscope prediction. Free Prediction.

As per horoscope predictions, people get valuable details for their career in the form of a personalised report from me. But in this post, I want to tell everyone what kind of information I provide when people ask for career horoscope predictions and readings.

You are born on a special moment. Each and every second is important at the exact time of your birth. And so you are different by looks behaviour nature and destiny.

At the time of your birth your stars always show what you will do and in what things you will be perfect what are your weak points and what are your strong points on the basis of these. Astrologer can analyse where you can do very good job and where you can not.

Strong planets of your Horoscope you can decide area and if you follow the terms of astrology and your Horoscope predictions you will get success very easily.

Let me give you an example of my Bangalore client. Ganesan wanted to ask me regarding his job whether the engineering field was good for him or not. The problem was he was not able to stay long in any company. After looking at his zodiac sign Leo and administrative planet sun in 9th house and Jupiter in 10th House I suggested him not to continue job for long time. He was agreed and left the job started work as self employed.

In the very first months he was disappointed because there was no results but 8 after 1 and half year of struggle he got an opportunity of Australia client who gave him a big project.

This was not his luck but his hard work. The people related to Sun Mars and Jupiter always work independently and they cannot work under influence of others. The people relates to Saturn always work for others because they are born to serve other people.

The people related to Mercury always work under administration or big Boss.

The people related to Jupiter always work under management can not work on the lower posts but they always work as manager team lead.

The people related to Venus always work independently but they work under someone else where uh there is no no limits for creativity. They are the specialist so no one try to dominate them in their job.

The people related to moon planet usually not work as self employed or business person but day are comfortable working for others without workload and pressure. They cannot bear working forcefully and in limitations.

The people related to Saturn work in any environment for big firms small firms. They are comfortable in any environment.

Once you know the planet of your work style the planet you are made of of you can decide your career by your Horoscope predictions very easily.

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