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Remedies for Court Cases

Court Cases and Astrological Remedies: How to Get Rid of Court Cases

Are you going through court cases or any litigation matter? Need Astrological Remedies for Court Cases?

No one can understand better than you how stressful and frustrating court cases are. They not only leave you cash strapped but also ruin your years. And what if the verdict doesn’t come in your favor?

Luckily, astrology has some solution for it. Understanding what planets make you prone to court cases and how to overcome them can help. Here’s how…

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Yoga of Lawsuit in Your Horoscope

  • The 6th house and its lord stand for the court cases or legal disputes. If 6th house or its lord is related to the 1st house or Lagna, there is a possibility of a court case.
  • 7th house stands for opponents and agreements or any kind of settlements with your opponent in any legal matter.
  • 8th house represents long term obstacles and sudden challenges associated with penalties or punishment you will get.
  • 12th house stands for the result, verdict or the punishment or fine. For example, if Lagna lord is weak or sits in 6th, 8th or 12th house, then the yoga makes the native vulnerable to imprisonment or fine or both in an ongoing court case.

The Role of Planets in Court Cases

  • Saturn delays court cases and causes misunderstanding between parties. It causes stress and misery during the lawsuit.
  • Rahu makes the case complicated.
  • Ketu leads to the loss of money in the court case.
  • Negative Mars can lead to a judgment against you.

Important Things When Checking Horoscope for Legal Issues:

Keep in mind that only one planet is not responsible for court cases at all. It takes a combination of certain Nakshatra and their lords. So just by checking one aspect in the Kundali, avoid making conclusions. The conjunction of planet Sun (soul) and Moon (mind) in the birth chart can be stressful during court cases. The presence of Rahu-Sun or Rahu-Moon yoga in the chart can worsen the situation.

How Your Court Case Will Look Like

The 6th house determines how your case will go on. Will it extend for years or settle as soon as possible? Will it be more stressful? The answers can be found by assessing the 6th house and its lord. For instance, taking a close look at the 6th house and its associated planets, Saturn can stretch the case while Rahu can complicate the court case. And if both are involved, then the court case will last long.

How to Get Relief from Court Cases According to Horoscope?

The relief from the court can be achieved in two ways—winning and settlement outside the court. Here we will understand both relief options:

Winning the Court Case in Your Kundali:

For winning the court case, the 11th house plays an important role. If it is strong, you can win the case.

For settlement outside the court, the connection of the 7th house or its lord and the presence of Venus or Jupiter play an important role.

Astrological Remedies for Court Cases or Legal Cases


“Om hrim bagalamukhi sarbadustanam vacham mukham padam stambhaya jivhaam keelaya buddhim vinashay hreem hom swaha

(*get it replaced with the name of your opponent.)

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  • Wear 5-Faced Panchmukhi or 7-faced SaptmukhiRudraksha 
  • Offer Prayers to Hanuman Ji