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Conventional Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching is not gun milan

Horoscope matching is not just Gun Milan. This is question of someone’s life so it should be detailed. Letter of the name, Vashya, Star or Day,Yoni, Union of Planetes, Gann, Bhakoot and Naadi count are the aspect considered while matchmaking. This is not enough in fact.

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What are the things to consider and what is the importance I am going to explain.

How does Horoscope matching work?

First and foremost is the Gun Milan which is popular on websites. Many websites offer gun milan online. You can just fill your birth details and you will get estimated points of horoscope matching.  While matchmaking I check gun milan, bhakoot and nadi dosha. If these points are negative, this is not end of matchmaking. Next thing is 7th house and Navmansh. If these two are also negative, I check the pariharam or solutions. If the pariharam is not exist, I create the report and list the problems found and email them to my client. The thing is astrologers do not want to take responsibility on their shoulders.

I have seen many astrologers just see if Nadi dosha exist they say big ‘No’ and this way they want to escape from hard work further. The fact is if Nadi dosha exist or Nadi is same, one should check Nakshatra and Zodiac sign. If they are same in both horoscopes this is the solution for Nadi Dosha.

Some astrologers just see one person is manglik and do not read horoscopes further. Many celebrities are there who have Manglik dosha but they are living happily. Bollywood actor Amitabh Bacchan is Manglik and his wife smt. Jaya Bhacchan is not manglik. But Jaya Ji have the solution of his husband’s Manglik dosha.

How is Matchmaking done?

It is very simple. You can also do it. If your planet and the planet of your partner’s seventh house are the same then marriage is germane. If the plant Jupiter in the girls horoscope and Venus in the boys horoscope are in the same star sign then marriage is foreseen. If both their seventh houses are in present in each other’s star sign then matchmaking is not even required. If both are ascendants of Mars and if the period of Mars is calm then there should be no delay in marriage. If there is any connection between Venus and Jupiter in their horoscopes then also marriage is possible.

There are countless ways in which matchmaking is possible but people still make error in it. If you have any difficulty in matchmaking then you should consult an expert.

Horoscope-India and Kundali Matching

If you are in doubt to meet an astrologer of if you are unable to match horoscope, you can take my guidance by just sending an email. If you take the membership I will take care of all the things from matchmaking to marriage. If you will ever be in a doubt I am just a call away. No matter how busy life is but if your query is related to matchmaking I will provide you with a resolution in half an hour. I have taken care of all our members and will do that in future as well.

Why to use software’s for perfect match making.

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