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Child Prediction by Date of Birth

Get Child Prediction by Date of Birth

Your child is your future and the future of your child. If you are worried about your child’s future the astrology I can help you to get your child prediction by date of birth and time. 

The horoscope of your child can interpret almost everything about your child’s future. When my clients come to me to read the horoscope of their child I offer them certain things that should be analysed in child prediction and then after taking enough time I prepare child prediction with the help of date of birth time and place of birth.

What important things you should ask in your child prediction report?

First of all, you should know the secret nature of your child in his prediction report. Recently I visited New Delhi for one of my clients. Ashutosh has three children. He wanted to ask about his second child who was very quarrelsome. Aries ascendant Leo moon sign and current Dasha is of Rahu. I advised my client to listen to his child properly because he was not getting attention as compared to other children. Because Aries means mass and Leo means Sun both administrative planets are dominated by Dasha planet Rahu. Astrology is one thing but remedial part is an important part of astrology. When am sure about the root of always I give the solution. The best remedy of Rahu I suggested a brown pug. The ruling planet of other children is Saturn and Venus.

If your children are related to two enemy planet of each other they will not be compatible and parents should treat them as per their interest.

The second important thing is the study of children.

How much your child can study and how are coming 20 years as per education and learning. There is a couple of subjects where your child is strong at mind. If the Mercury and Saturn are connected with each other in horoscope your child will be very fast in maths. Mercury and Moon if found good your child will be good in Science as well. if Mars and Saturn are good your child will be very smart in technical things. Only the moon and Venus are enough to make your child very much creative.

Well, this thing is not just a part of prediction but you can analyse your child’s interest with his behaviour also.

Your child prediction by health

The good health always comes from Lord of ascendant and moon sign Lord. If these two planets are not good in the horoscope the astrology has some very accurate remedies. The performance of your child. The study and other activities will be very good if the current planetary position is good unless you have to take care of some remedies as per Indian astrology by date of birth and time.

When I was living in Mumbai I had an experience with a child’s horoscope who had the problem of hearing and speaking. My client was very much disappointed with astrologers saying this is a permanent problem but after the age of 9 Dasha of Saturn was ending and I interpret in 4th or 5th standard the child will be good at health. As per the accurate prediction of a child in standard 9, the hearing problem was disappeared and after one year ear with medication, the hearing problem was also solved. This is how astrology helps.

If your will power is strong after getting prediction the purpose of astrology is solved.

I don’t think other than this there is an important thing in order to get your child’s prediction by date of birth and time. Contact us for detailed Vedic astrology report.

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