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Beej Mantra for planets

Beej mantra of sun, moon, mercury, mars, jupiter, venus, saturn, rahu, ketu all planets

Mantra’s of Nine Planets Now a days everybody is suffering from some Planet.  To pacify these Planets some Mantra’s are given below. I hope readers will be benefited by these mantra provided by Horoscope India. Mantras are given in Hindi & English. If you feel any problem you can just give me a call to get correct pronunciation. Once you ...

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Baglamukhi Mantra Benefits

Baglamukhi Mantra

!!OM HRIM BAGALMUKHI SARV DUSHTANAM WACHAM MUKHAM PDM STMBHY STMBHY JIWHAM KILYE KILYE BUDDHIM VINASHYE HRIM OM SWAHA!! Do you feel deprived of promotion in your job in spite of being talented? Is there anyone who is secretly standing in your way to progress and you are unaware of this secret enemy. In this case your problem can be resolved ...

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Ram Raksha Stotra

Shree Ram Raksha Yantra for Shree Ram Raksha Stotram

I have been requested so many time to pronounce Ram Raksha Stotra but this is a very long mantra and I am not able to have so much of time due to busy life. Since so many people faced difficulty on YouTube where they found this mantra but in the form of a song. Mantra should not be sing. Mantra ...

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Success Mantra for Holi Festival

Success in Interview with Mantra

Holi is a big Indian festival of colors. People play with colors and enjoy on this day. But this is a great Muhurat to make mantras effective. The sway of spells increase thousands times if someone chant on this day. If you are looking for success in life, If you are not getting opportunities, if someone is affecting your promotion, if ...

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Mantras for Job & Career

Mantra for Job Seeker's

Today job is a must for all job seekers. I get numerous emails daily related to Jobs only. Whether your planetary position is bad or worst, if you use this spell you will get the job for sure. Those who already have job and want to change, may also use this spell. Those who feel problems in professional life, should ...

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Spell for success in study

This spell will increase your grasping power & you will have confidence in you. This will increase your power to guess the things correctly so that you may get an idea what is perfect time to do the things. Do not try it for testing purpose ,just do it only if you believe in Indian Astrology.Jai Shree Ram ! // ...

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Mahamrityunjay Mantra

Welcome to Horoscope India by Ashok Prajapati

It is said that human, animals, water, organism, inanimate all are under god and god is under mantras. So those people who believe that whatever has to happen will must happen, once test mantras. Mantras are not for time pass but a boon to human being from God. Nothing happens without God’s permission. Which we call HONI – ANHONI is ...

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Moon Mantra – चंद्र मन्त्र

If you are feeling restlessness or something is troubling you then read this Chandra Mantra in your heart, you will be benefited and your mind will come at ease. You will feel relax. The Moon Mantra is as follows… Aum Shri Krin Chn Chandray namah: किसी भी प्रकार से आपका मन चिंतित हो या कोई परेशानी हो तो इस चंद्र ...

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Maha Lakshami Mantra – महालक्ष्मी मंत्र

Start Mahalakshami Mantra from Wednesday night and do a rosary daily for 40 days. By performing this act you will get that money which was stuck somewhere (delayed money/pending money ). Aum Shri Hin Shrin kamle kamlalye praseed praseed shri Hin Shrin aum mahalakshmye namah: During this process keep ablaze lamp/incense stick and offer red flowers to Goddess Mahalakshami. Jai Shree ...

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