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Career Horoscope by Ashok Prajapati

Career Selection as per astrology

Every person has an expertise in some specific field.There is no person who is entirely useless or who is fully capable of doing all. God has sent every person with one or the other defined motive. You need to choose the proper career path. careers astrology is an important factor for your future success.

If we select our career according to our capabilities than we not only get success early but also we succeed very rapidly and never get bored with it.

If in selecting our career, we take the help of astrology then it may prove extremely helpful because astrology can guide about the profession which is suitable to us and can bring fame and money for a person. Astrology can also advise about the professions which might not be suitable to a person on the basis of his/her personality and capabilities.

In context to this, we made research by selecting many experienced people from different fields and found the planets which are suitable and helpful in making a particular career such as doctor, engineer, supermodel, celebrity etc. We also tried to find out the planetary positions for the people who couldn’t achieve anything in their lives.

In relation to this context, we analyzed the horoscopes of doctors, engineers, artists, celebrity, teachers, businessman and whatever we found and experienced we are keeping it in front of you. Hope readers will like it.

So let’s discus…


  1. Do i have career in banking or any government related?? I have been trying for past two years and i lose in last moment..Is there any possibility or should i try something else??
    Birth time: 04:52 am
    place: Tirunelveli,Tamil Nadu

  2. dob-23 may 1991
    time-10:15 p.m
    Guruji, do i have chance in bank related job ?

  3. When I will get a good and stable job? Nd is there any chance for government job?

    Name – Akshay Pandey
    D.O.B – 25/11/1993
    Birth time – 4:16 PM
    Birth place – Varanasi ( Uttar Pradesh)

  4. Dear Sir,

    Will i get govt job? I cleared bank exams twice but couldnt make it to final list

    DOB- 23-06-1986
    TIME- 02:40 AM

  5. Hi Sir,
    Do I have a career in Acting. should I go for it.

    Amit Kumar Tyagi
    D.O.B 28/11/1990
    Time 13:25
    Ghaziabad India

    • My dear friend, The 5th house of horoscope is of entertainment and when there is its direct relation with the 10th house of horoscope the native can try in the field of entertainment the film industry. You have such relation but indirect. Mars aspect is on Mercury but Mercury is very weak. If you try in film industry you will have to go through a lot of obstacles. I would suggest you to try your own business as your Sun is strong in 10th house. After marriage you will get good growth.

    • You should try your luck in administration or some business

  6. Hello Sir,
    I will get a government job or not? The details are:

    D.O.B- 22 nd October 1986
    Time: 2:15 a.m
    Place of Birth : Vijayawada

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