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Career in IT Sector by Astrology

Career in IT Sector by astrology

In this post, I am going to explain the planetary position inspire a person to enter into IT industry because IT Sector is the profession youngsters making their career very rapidly after completing their computer course. In our country IT sector in on the boom. Before I give you the tips of the career in IT I would like to tell you if you want your free career horoscope by date of birth you can request free 2 min reading using the form in this post.

Let’s know about the planets who gives earning to the people who are either in IT job or in IT business. I myself have 12 to 13 years of experience in this profession and i had seen horoscope of many IT professionals. There were some lucky individuals among them whom i have seen getting success in no time and I have seen a peon who later become computer engineer due to his dedication & efforts.

Software is Vast Field

There are many fields in computer industry. I will try to share all the related information i have so far in this industry. Let us begin with software engineer.

Software engineer as per astrology

In Software engineering the languages comes that are PHP, Dot NET, Java & much more. The languages have a direct connection with Saturn. Venus is considered for computer & technology & Saturn has connection with language/programming & even good command over language.

When there is relation of Venus and Saturn in horoscope and both planet are between 5 to 26 degrees in your horoscope then the resources of your success will be available for you.

Web Designer as per astrology

For a web designer the moon should be in good position otherwise you will not be able to get success in this field because moon is connected with creativity and if the moon will be in good position then you will be able to read minds of your client. If the moon is between 6 to 25 degrees and is situated in the zodiac signs Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces then your career will be bright as a web designer.

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Internet marketing as per astrology

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization is related to Marketing & Mercury is the symbol of marketing. If with Venus the Mercury has connection with your house of deeds(10th house) and is also there with Mercury directly or indirectly in 10th house of your horoscope or has connection with the lord of the 10th house or in D-11 chart, there is clear that your career should be related to marketing in computer because your brain will work efficiently and you will get success easily as well.  And you know Venus is known for Computer and new technology.

Software Company by astrology

There are some ambitious people who are in the job working with dissatisfaction & even have ability to run a software company.

During my long career in IT sector, I have seen about 25-30 horoscopes of IT professionals. Some of them were my colleague & some people contacted me directly for career prediction only. Right now some of my friends are running software companies efficiently but anyhow.

The first and foremost quality of any businessman is his ambition which is bestowed by the planet Sun. Sun is the planet who give us the ability to take work from employees because the Sun is the king of all planets every planet roaming around the Sun.

If sun is strong in your horoscope it’s enough to become a businessman apart from this if your zodiac sign is Leo you will definitely have the quality of leadership and you will be able to run a company efficiently.

Secondly, we need Jupiter because it bestows management qualities into you. A manager has an inborn impulse to take work from people. If Jupiter is good in your horoscope you will work as a manager very well. With the help of Sun and Jupiter you will not only run a company but also you will be the income source of your staff.

Software Tester as per astrology

Tester is the person who finds faults in software & maintains quality control. He is the person who is Rebel and produces qualities in things. Rebel are always considered like protesting planets to each other. Sun and Saturn are Rebels of each other. Moon and Rahu are opposed of each other. Jupiter and Mercury are Rebel, Mars and Jupiter are Rebel and Saturn and Sun dominate each other they are Rebel of each other.

When this rivalry is connected with is 10th house your earnings will be from quality control which is maintained by software testers in IT sector.

The conclusion of Career in IT Sector

If we keep on writing about all the fieldthe s of computer then it would be equal to writing a bulky book. That’s why we need to halt this article over here only. If you find this information worth sharing then don’t forget to like and share it.

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