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Business or job as per astrology

Business or Job as per astrology


If you are confused about your career you this article will clear your doubt about what you should do business or job as per astrology and by your date of birth. I am going to tell you if you have chances to become a successful businessman or not.

Business as per astrology

I will tell you who should do his own business according to astrology and who should not. To do your own business, you should have enough knowledge, power of foreseeing and a bit of cleverness, along with some of the planets that can give you success in business but one thing that I have seen in every successful businessman and that is patience.

What you need

This patience is a ladder; the one who climbs it reaches the top of success. I have seen the horoscopes of many businessmen.

Along with this, I have seen horoscopes of some of the women who do their own business. Fashion designing or business related to art or match making, i.e. Marriage Bureau, or a successful woman running a children’s school. I have met such successful women; I have read their hand, have seen their horoscopes, the thing which seemed to me common in all of them is that all these people are cool-headed (unhurried) .

But on the other hand, those who are not cool-headed (unhurried) are still struggling in some way in business.

According to 12 zodiac signs, the necessary qualifications for becoming a successful businessman are found in Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius zodiac signs.

Now let’s talk about planets.

Planetary position for business

It is very important to have enough knowledge to achieve success in any business because your knowledge will only give you an understanding of running a business, and this knowledge comes from the grace of planet Jupiter. If your ascendant (first house) has planet Jupiter or there is aspect of Jupiter on first house, then you are knowledgeable.

Foresight by Sun

The power of Foresight (vision) is given to the person by the planet Sun because the Sun is a planet that makes a person like a king and to be a king, a big heart is needed. The one who thinks ahead of the problems and identifies them at the correct time is the king. A king has enough resources; a king has to issue orders. If the sun is strong in your horoscope, you can become a successful businessman, if the sun in the horoscope is in the tenth house then there is no doubt that you will get success in business.

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Sun is the key planet for business in astrology

Apart from the horoscope if the condition of Sun is favorable in moon horoscope, then your possibilities of becoming a businessman are doubled.

And if you have sun in the center of your Dreshkana Chakra (D11 Chart) that is together in the first and fourth and the sun in the tenth house then you will definitely do your business and you will also get success in it.

Apart from this, there are also many planets that can make the person a successful businessman, not all can be mentioned but presenting some very definite principles on the basis of experience.

Zodiac Signs who are business Minded

If you are a Gemini or Gemini ascendant, then you are an inborn businessman. While working in a job your mind will be towards a job from where you can earn a lot of money at one go.

Even if you have planet Mercury in ascendant, then the situation becomes almost the same.

  • The existence of more than one planet in the eleventh house is a sign that your source of income will be more than one.
  • The existence of many planets in the tenth house of the horoscope is a sign that you will change your work very quickly and will do a lot of work in life.
  • If there is the sun in the fourth house of horoscope then you will never be able to do a job, you will only be interested in your own business, and it will be not possible for you to work under someone else
  • If the eleventh house of the horoscope is related to the second house then your earnings will be so high that it cannot come from any ordinary job.


The information given above is very basic. Thousands of rules are there in astrology for success in business but if you follow these simple rules you will have an idea about what you should do, job or business. If your planets not match the above rules then you should definitely continue your job wherever you are working with dedication & patience. I hope this will help.

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