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break up in relationship as per astrology

Break up Relationship & Love in Horoscope

In the present article I have expressed myself on the Love Relationship. Love is a relation which comes into existence automatically. There is no concrete reason for it. Attraction for the opposite sex is quite natural. You like one person, his/her appeal comes into your mind and makes a place in it and finally you start like his/her everything. When the opposite party is equally restless & anxious like you then you should understand that this is the beginning of the love. Nothing is difficult for the love pair. They see the world with totally different angle & view. Their views seem very positive and this attitude fills them with positive energy. This energy takes them at a very high place.

Enthusiasm & activeness plays a big role to achieve the success in any job and both things come from the Love. Therefore Love has same role in the life which the Soul has in the body.

When the differences in the love relationship come then we see the disease like situation. This disease can be cured with the love only. But sometimes we see that relationship has reached at a stage from where come back is not possible. In that particular stage the person collapse totally. The person is left with no regard/attachment for life.

If you also find yourself in the same situation then no doubt astrology may do something positive for you.

As per the astrology, Venus & Mars are the responsible for Love relationship in the horoscope of the Native. The Mars in the girls & Venus in the boys present as seminal fluid & semen respectively. Therefore both the planet has the same importance in the horoscope as the importance of love for life and soul for body.

In the following horoscope we can see that a love relationship which was very close to the marriage but before marriage it broke. This is lady’s horoscope belong to UP. Birth time & date is :- 10.15 AM,  17.10.1986.

break up in relationship as per astrology

Venus the signification of Love is placed with Rahu in this Horoscope. Rahu always creates dispute in the love relationship. But one important thing everyone must know is that it is Rahu that turns the love into marriage. In the present horoscope Rahu is placed in the zodiac sign of its enemy planet. Therefore, due to Rahu, the love relationship came into existence but could not succeed. It is noticeable that Venus with Rahu brings the hindrances & differences in the relationship. On the other hand, Mars is the signification of Sex in the horoscope of the lady. Therefore it is essential to consider whether she will get the sexual pleasure or not. Mars is placed in the seventh house of the horoscope and creating the pure Manglik Yog. Rahu is separatist planet & putting its ninth sight on the Mars. It means Rahu has full control over Mars in this horoscope and Mars is not getting any help from anywhere. If any auspicious planet would have placed with Mars or any auspicious planet would have put its sight on the Mars then this relationship could be saved.

From the analysis it has come into our notice that Mars the signification of sex & love in the woman is afflicted in her horoscope.

Before reaching to final conclusion let’s give a look at the Navmansh Kundli. Navmansh Kundli gives us the information related to life partner. The type of life partner, profession of life partner, relations with the life partner all these things we come to know from the Navmansh Kundli. As the present horoscope belongs to a woman so her Navmansh Kundli will tell us about her husband. In the Navmansh Kundli Venus is between Rahu & Ketu and creates a pure Yog of failure in Love relationship.

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