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Black Magic

Black Magic and Tantrik Attack

काला जादू हिंदी अनुवाद 

A while ago I received an email from this girl who wanted to know how her future will be. I answered this question the way I usually do. Like every day she kept asking me question even though she was aware of the answers. She kept trying my patience and when she felt that I can be helpful to her she disclosed her agony.

During this communication she told me that it is not possible for her to meet me, call me and I was shocked to know that she has been sending these emails with lot of difficulty.

When I asked the reason she said it’s because she is haunted by evil spirits. She was surrounded by them and whenever she gets a chance she sends these emails. Once she tried to seek help of some other astrologer, but sadly that pundit was also not spared from the effects of the black magic. If
you wish to help me then, please do it only through emails. You just tell me what is in store for me in
my future; I will handle these evil powers.

I remember telling her that the black magic was done by her close relative. This was known after I saw her horoscope.  Now the main thing was that was there any solution to this problem? Can anyone help her out of this situation?

According to me the answer is no.

Let’s find out why.

Black Magic diabolism and Tantric Attacks.

It’s a fact that this kind of  attack can be done by a close relative or by someone who visits your house very often without any restrictions. Usually these situations arises when people do these witchcraft activities for selfish motives. In this situation it is important to know that who is this person and is there any such thing that you used to wear and is missing. May be shoes, clothes or anything at all. Before any one helps, it is important to see what is the severity of the black magic and tantric attack. If the effect is less then this can be treated, but it will be difficult to solve if it’s been long and effect is more. The person who helps will also fall in the trap.

What are the symptoms?

You will feel the chill in your spine just by sitting beside a person affected by black magic. If the severity is less then there are regular health issues or they can suffer from serious illness and they feel everything bland to taste. Medical science is also helpless in this situation. Just imagine if a normal person is given a heavy dose then in what state will he be ? But such heavy doses don’t have any effect on a body which is possessed by evil spirit. It helps only at the time when the spirit leaves the body for a while. If medical science is not capable of doing anything in this situation then it means that there are Supernatural powers involved. Nothing is normal in this case and if there is voice change then it’s the extremity of the black magic. For sure there is no scientific solution to it.

Rescue or any remedy.

The easiest solution is to find out who is responsible for this conspiracy. If you are able to find out the person, then this person can help you the most to come out of this. It is not easy but this is the truth.

You have to find out that is this effect of black magic or is the person possessed by an evil spirit. Your horoscope can only reveal the time and duration of the influence of witchcraft and evil spirit. Your horoscope also indicated whether you can be saved in this situation or not, but unfortunately astrology can be of limited help in this situation.

So what is to be done? No matter whatever you do but don’t lose hope. Keep your moral high because things can be changed if we reach the source of the issue. This is the shortest and most effective way. According to me taking precaution is the best solution. You can be saved from black magic if you are aware that it can attack you. The Gemstones Onyx and Turquoise are capable of protecting you from your enemies. If someone attempts to attack you in such a way can be caught.

Utrasum bead (Rudraksh) is also helpful if worn beforehand. The best solution is that you keep your moral high. You can enchant the below mentioned Mantra to keep a high moral. You should repeat
this Mantra as often as possible.

!!Om Namoh Bhagvate Vasudevay Namah!!

Now that you have a high moral and that you don’t get frustrated in case you fall in some trouble, but if you have become more courageous then do exercise your powers. By using your powers not only you can face your enemy but also expose them in public. To show your power you just need high moral and courage. Enigmatic knowledge cannot be made open to public. You should use these powers only if you are helpless, weak or if you walking on the path of truth.

Thank you

Jai shree Ram !

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