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Before Trying Lucky Stones

Before choosing Lucky Stone:

Now a day everybody wears gems/rudrakshs. Some wear only for fashion and some for hobby but majority of people wear gems suggested by Astrologers. According to me you should in the first place test which single gem will suit you the most. Many people don’t know are they getting any results by wearing gems or not. One thing I have observed from my own experience a Lucky stone whether it is cheap or Costly, small or Big, Old or a new one, surely shows its effects. Be careful about some things regarding gems…

  • If gem breaks remove it and consult with a learned astrologer whether you should wear this broken gem or not. When gem finishes his work either it breaks or get lost. But some gems breaks when their time, state or sub period (Antardasha) ends or some gems take on themselves the problem of the wearer and by breaking they protects their wearer. So do consult a learned astrologer before wear any gem.
  • Whichever the gem is do take care in which finger it has to be wear.
  • If 2 planets are sitting together then wear gem accordingly. For instance if Saturn & Mercury are situated together then emerald in the Saturn Finger means middle finger will suit the best. Below I am explaining related planets for a gem and suitable finger.
  • Ruby is a Sun gem suitable in ring finger. Coral is a Mars gem suitable in ring finger. Pearl in small Finger. Emerald in small finger or middle finger. Yellow Sapphire in index finger, Diamond in small finger, ring finger or middle finger. Blue Sapphire in any finger.
  • Coral is the only gem which warns the wearer by changing its color. But only Triangular Coral has this ability. It comes in to its natural color after the danger has been avoided.
  • Wear Gomed who travels a lot and mostly by Car, Scooter or any other vehicle. But beware don’t wear this without testing; its ill effects can be dangerous.
  • To Test any gem tie a gem with the help of a bandage on your arm but it must touch your body. For this tape the gem on your arm and then bandage it and check for 3-4 days its effects. If you starts getting angry soon, get stumble, things starts to drop from your hand, interruption comes in your work or bad dreams bother you then immediately remove this gem.
  • By wearing emerald intelligence increases. This is very useful for Salesmen & Students.
  • Generally Yellow Sapphire benefits women but those can also wear who have – lost their job, got transferred, suffering with Jaundice, lost gold or gaining weight.

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