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Auspicious Marriage Dates for All Zodiac Signs in the Year 2019:

Auspicious Marriage Dates for All Zodiac Signs in 2019

Since centuries, Indians have always considered getting married on an auspicious date and time. The lucky couple will consult an astrologer to decide on a Shubh Mahurat (auspicious date and time) based on their birth chart and the planetary movements.

What is a Shubh Mahurat?

Auspicious dates are considered for starting a new venture, starting on a journey, buying a new vehicle or property, going in for medical surgeries and of course getting married. A lot of people consider auspicious dates, not just for their wedding but all events related to the wedding—including the auspicious time to write the wedding invite or to purchase the wedding gifts.

Auspicious dates are essential for an obstacle-free, effortless and successful event.  An auspicious wedding time is also known as Vivah Tithi among astrologers.

Dear friend, if you are worried about, “When will I get married?” or are looking for marriage predictions, my accurate calculation of auspicious dates will guide you with the best suitable dates for 2019.

How Are Auspicious Dates calculated?

Marriage date prediction is not just the study of the birth chart of the couple getting married. I study several important aspects, analyze them and then recommend a few suitable dates. The most important aspects that are essential for determining the Shubh Mahurat are:

  • Suitable Nakshatras
  • Exact time and duration of the event
  • Type of event
  • Planetary position during the current year
  • Hindu Lunar calendar
  • Week days
  • Location of the event.

Since each person’s birth chart is unique and so it the event and its location, advise of an experienced astrologer should be taken for a true marriage prediction date based on the birth calendar.  

Auspicious Marriage Dates for All Zodiac Signs in the Year 2019:

Whether you have a love or arranged marriage, my marriage date prediction by date of birth will help you start your marriage festivities on a positive note. So, before you book the wedding venue, event manager, beautician, photographer, videographer, caterer, and the priest, do refer to the auspicious wedding dates for love and arranged marriage based on our date of birth calculator.

Based on Indian astrology, the Best Wedding Dates ‘2019 are:

May 2019 auspicious dates:

There are quite a few marriage auspicious dates available in May’2019. Couples may consider 6-8, 12, 14-15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 28-30 May. It may be noted that 15th May is the date of Hasta Nakshatra. Those people who get married on the Hasta Nakshatra are destined for overcoming all difficulties in life. The Magha Nakshatra falls on 13th May and getting married on that date will be most inauspicious.

June 2019 auspicious dates:

Even June’2019 offers several auspicious dates for couples looking to tie the knot. The auspicious marriage dates of June’2019 are 8-10, 12-19, and then 25-26 June. Of all these dates, 9th and 14th June are the two best Shubh Mahurats. Couples who get married during the Magha Nakshatra on 9th June will be bestowed with materialistic benefits and those who get married during the Swati Nakshatra on 14th June will enjoy a loving and healthy marriage. Couples should avoid getting married on 20th June due to the inauspicious planetary position of the Uttara Ashadha nakshatra.

July 2019 auspicious dates:

There are only two lucky days for all my young friends who are looking for a Monsoon Wedding. July 2019 has only two auspicious dates for people looking to get married – 6th and 7th July. With only two dates in the entire month of July, make sure you book your wedding agencies well in advance to avoid disappointment at the last moment. All other dates in July except the 6th and the 7th are completely unlucky for getting married.  

August, September, and October inauspicious dates:

I strongly recommend avoiding the period of Shukra Tara Asta or Shukrodaya to get married or for other auspicious tasks. This year the Shukra Tara Asta begins on 9th July’ 2019 (Tuesday). The Shukra Tara will rise on 19th September’ 2019 (Thursday).  I suggest no marriage ceremony should take place between the 8th of July’ 2019 to 7th November’2019. Unfortunately, this year there will be no auspicious marriage dates or Vivah Tithis in August, September, and October.

November 2019 auspicious dates:

Even after a long wait of almost four months, there are very few auspicious dates that are available for Vivah Tithis in November’2019. The auspicious wedding dates for November 2019 are 8-10, 14, 22-24 November. Most of these dates fall on weekends so even if you are not getting married in these dates, you are sure to be attending a lot of weddings during the beautiful month of November’2019.

One of the most auspicious days of November’ 2019 is 22nd November. It is the day of Uttara Phalguni and couples who get married on this day will be blessed with a peaceful and harmonious married life. All other dates other than those mentioned above are completely inauspicious and should be avoided for marriage.

December 2019 auspicious dates:

The last month of the year only offers four lucky Vivah tithis. The auspicious wedding dates for December 2019 are 5th, 6th, 11th, and 12th. Of all these dates, the Uttara Ashadha falls on 6th December. Couples getting married on this day should pay obeisance to the Sun Lord (Lord Surya) before their wedding ceremony. The inauspicious period of Kharmas sets in from 16th December and weddings should be avoided after this date.

You may use the Shubh Mahurats mentioned above for an accurate marriage prediction date. It is important to consult an expert astrologer before finalizing a date as several other factors may change these dates.

In Indian culture, marriage is a commitment for life. Please do commence your commitment on an auspicious date for a marriage of a lifetime.

Dear friends, please feel free to contact me on phone or by writing in for love or arranged marriage date predictions based on your birth chart.

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