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Attraction is essential

Personality and Attraction as per astrology

Attractive personality & Attraction is essential for life

Many times we see a person very attractive, it does not matter whether the person is male or female, young or old. We find ourselves pulling towards him like the attraction of magnet. Sometimes we see a person with a very attractive personality that forces the other people to come to him. On the contrary, there are many people who don’t have any attraction and they complaint that no one talk to us, no one come to us etc. For the last few days, I receive at least six calls and their problem was similar. First caller was a young boy, he said I am very handsome boy but I don’t have any girlfriend even I don’t have friend. It seems people don’t like me, don’t want to talk to me and I don’t understand why they run away from me. I feel myself alone.

The other caller told me a little different story, this fellow is in a job and he says thought I am working on a high post but I feel that my officers as well as my subordinate stay away from me. They never involve me in their discussion and function etc. I tried very hard but I could not understand the reason why people run away from me.

The third caller’s story is as follows, I am 24 years old beautiful girl. My parents are searching suitable match for me. Many boys came to see me but I receive the answer in no. I feel myself deserted now.

I would like to bring into the notice of my esteemed reader that Attraction is very essential feature of personality. All the above quoted three person have same problem, I think they have lack of attraction in their personality.

Everyone needs attraction & attractive personality. You may be in job or in business if you have attraction then you would have note that people come to you, they listen you carefully, follow your advice. Sometimes you would have grabbed the chance of other also on the basis of your attractive personality. Officers want to talk to you, share the personal problems with you and even invite you in their personal events also. This is impression of attraction and attractive personality. The young boy with attraction & attractive personality would have lot of friends even lot of girlfriends. The girls who have attraction and attractive personality have been married very easily. For the married people whether Gents or Ladies attraction is essential for whole life because no one wants to be ignored by his life partner.

Attraction as per horoscope

Now come to the point, let us come to know, what is the source of Attraction? From where it comes?

In the Horoscope, Venus is mainly responsible for Attraction in the personality. Venus is the one & only source of Attraction. If Venus is favorable in the horoscope chart then native acquires the power to attract other. Venus gives the Attraction, on the contrary Saturn bestow solitude. Due to Venus’s influence people comes and people stay away or run away due to Saturn’s effect. But Rahu’s effect is totally different. The Native influenced by Rahu in spite of living in solitude & seclusion acquires the ability to attract the people also.

Remedies to originate Attraction in the Personality

Praying of Aakarshan Mantra (psalm) before the Sidh Shukra Yantra (Proven Venus Equipment) is very helpful in acquiring the magical Attraction in the personality. This prayer must be in the Tripushkar Mahurtas. Within the prayer of forty days you shall definitely see its results.

Finally, I would like to tell you that after the study of your horoscope I can tell you that whether this Sidh Shukra Yantra (Proven Venus Equipment) shall be helpful or not. The person who don’t have horoscope please forgive.

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Attractive personality & astrology

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