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Astrology as business

On the basis of my experiences I can say that 60% astrology experts around us are fake, thug and swindler and expert in how to take advantage of the human emotions. Their aim is to extract money from you. They don’t have the knowledge of astrology. They are hypocrite and imposture.

The unhappy, upset people want the solution of their problems at any cost; they are mentally incapable of making any decisions. When this kind of dismal see the advertisement of online astrologer, they immediately rush to them, pay the fees. If problem is not solved, they can do nothing. Then they realized that they have been cheated.

I would like to clarify my point with the help of a true incident. Once one person went to a renowned astrologer in Delhi and paid the fees Rs. 3000/-. Astrologer’s office was very big, magnificent and stunning. It seemed the huge amount was spent for the interior decoration. The person was given only six minutes to ask the questions but due to hesitation half of his questions remained in his mind and he couldn’t ask.

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When I came to know this incident I hurt badly. At least customer should be given prior information about the length of given time to him, the number of questions he may ask and extra fees for the remedies.

We can never justify this. The person was already depressed and the astrologer hurt him again by taking his money. I think fees must be justified.

Now I come to the positive side of astrology. The facility of online astrologer has closed the gap of time & distance. You can consult the astrologer at any time while you are at home. You need not go to other city or town.

You will see the transparency in the behavior of genuine astrologer. First of all he will listen you and then he will ask the horoscope.  In case you don’t have the horoscope and exact time of birth, date of birth most probable he will show his inability to help you. If you have horoscope then after the thorough study of your horoscope he will tell you about your past life, present life and possible future life. If something is going to be wrong then he will suggest you some remedy also. I think there shall not be any dispute over the fees.

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When you are going to consult any online astrologer I suggest you to take the following suggestions:-

  1. First of all, ask him about his fees.
  2. Ask him how long you can take the advantage of paid service.
  3. If free service is available then don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free service.
  4. Ask him about the platform through which he will provide his service, phone, e-mail, chat etc. If the online horoscope reader is available in your city then ask him to provide the office’s address.
  5. Ask him, whether you provide the money back guarantee if not satisfied with the astrologer’s services.

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