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Astrology in the Time of Uncertainty

Astrology in the Age of Uncertainty

Will I ever get a job? Will I have a happy married life? Can I lose my business due to weak finances? 

There are several moments in our life when we are not sure if we can survive the difficulties or not.

As our mind is pinned down by uncertainty, we often get depressed and possessed even more by our doubts.

Many people prefer astrological solutions to overcome uncertainty in their life.

Astrology suggests solutions based on the position of planets in their horoscope. Even astrological indication alerts you on unpleasant events ahead of time.

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It helps you recognize your strengths and motivations as well as personal challenges. With the help of astrology, you can understand how and why you do things and how to leverage the positives of your personality to improve yourself. It can help you deal with the rough phase in life as it suggests you remedies to drive away from the negative energy in various life aspects.

No one is immune to problems in today’s world. Everyone has their own woes like a business problem, poor finances, marriage problems, depression and other life complexities. Luckily, as we said earlier, astrology can suggest a solution for all these problems.

Here we have rounded up some common life issues and how astrology helps you overcome them.


1. Astrology for Health Problems:

In astrology, each planet and each sign are associated with several health conditions. For example, the sixth house in the astrology is known as the “house of sickness”. The association of the house with malicious planets can make you run into the risk of health problems. However, a genuine astrologer will only tell you that the particular body part is vulnerable to disease. Only a doctor can examine you to find the disease.

2. Astrology for Career Problems:

Each house in the horoscope also defines job or occupation of the native.

In astrology, a weak 10th lord in the 8th house can lead to the loss helps job. The risk to your job also happens when Jupiter enters the 10th house from the moon. The transition of Saturn in 1st, 8th and 10th house can lead to changes in jobs.

3. Astrology for Marriage Problems:

Marriage is an important phase of life. But it can be a breeding ground of many problems due to incompatibility between partners, maladjustment of wife with her in-laws, infertility and harassment. Even delay in marriage is upsetting.

In astrology, the marriage problems are caused by the occupation of 7th house by negative planets like Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. For example, if Mars presents in the 7th house, it leads to Manglik yog that causes a delay in marriage.

The good and bad influences on various planets as well as their locations are responsible for the good or turbulent relationship between married couples. Detailed analysis of these all astrological factors is performed by an efficient astrologer to fix marital troubles or suggest solutions.

4. Astrology for Financial Problems:

A big part of our lives is reserved for earning money to ensure a secure future for beloved ones. But there are times when we suffer financial crises due to many factors.

At some point in life, despite our best strategies and investment, we are not able to meet our goals and financial problems start occurring. The tendency of taking up a loan even for small purchases is one of the key reasons that undermine one’s financial condition.

Good thing is that astrology can help you with financial troubles. For example, it suggests ideal occupations as well as the right time to invest.

To predict financial problems along with their solutions, the third, ninth and eleventh houses are reviewed. The strength of Mars and Jupiter is also important in the financial aspect of one’s life. Strong Third house and Mars keep you active and alert so that you can respond to unpleasant circumstances ahead of time.

Astrology also suggests you ideal professions (like banking, IT, engineering, and manufacturing) so that you can use your potential to the fullest and get financial security.


Astrology can suggest you the right way to overcome your problems based on the planetary position in your horoscope. However, it is important to approach an experienced and genuine astrologer. Secondly, you need to deal with your problems in a calm and composed way to make the most of your astrological solutions.

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