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Astrological Spotlight on Extramarital Affairs And Adultery

Astrological Spotlight on Extramarital Affairs And Adultery

Matrimony is known to be the best Dharma of Indian culture, and fidelity in it is of the highest priority. Primarily, the idea of marriage was formed mainly to hold intimate spouses committed to each other. Yet in recent times, from social media sites to the group of close friends, individuals have been engaging in immoral affairs outside marriages only for sexual purposes. So let’s seek to decipher the aspects of extra-marital in astrology.

The number of divorces in India has been growing each year, and the primary cause for this is a lack of comprehension and unfaithfulness in marital relationships. Reviewing adultery and unfaithfulness in male Horoscope or female Horoscope should be granted due priority during Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching. No one in the world seeks a dishonest wife or husband. We may term those Horoscopes as deceitful Horoscope.

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Several people request astrologists if there is any suggestion about whether they have extra-marital relations. However, the explanation of extra-marital ties may be different for various individuals, planets that regulate people’s sexual desire play a significant role. Few zodiac signs have more erotic impulses and appear to seek fulfillment outside of marriage. Let’s have a look at some houses and planets that supposedly play a vital role when it comes to predicting extra-marital affairs. The following are the planetary arrangements that suggest the likelihood of adulterous relations in yours or your spouse’s birth chart.

  1. Take a look at your seventh house; a malefic of Venus can surely bring some bad results in the marriage. There are chances of extra-marital relationship with multiple partners.
  2. Suppose it’s a woman having Rahu placed in the twelfth house along with few other severely afflicted planets. In that case, she will most probably indulge in adultery with other men other than her husband.
  3. The native might fall in the trap of dishonest relationships outside the marriage if the sixth lord and Lagna lord happen to be in the same house with a malefic planet combination.
  4. Having moon, Mars, and Saturn in your seventh is another planetary arrangement that is not considered good. This becomes all the more challenging if there is no influence of any benefit. This implies that the couple would have other partners in their married life.
  5. A man is bound to indulge in extra-marital relations with older women if malefic Sun and Moon are placed in the fourth house. This also implies that the native would keep secrets.
  6. Although a Rahu and Moon conjunction in the birth chart indicates a clouded, confused mind and irrational decisions, this also means the native may or may not have relations outside his or her marriage.
  7. Venus stands for romance, but when in conjunction with Mars or Rahu enhances the passion for lust in the native’s life. This arrangement becomes all the more negative when the combination occurs in signs like Libra, Scorpio, Gemini, and Aries. It indicates illicit affairs are definitely on the cards.
  8. Jupiter is the planet of spirituality and goodwill; if you have a malefic Jupiter, you might think about cheating on your partner. There is a logical explanation behind it as your consciousness is altered, and you have zero judgment on good and bad deeds. A strong Jupiter would keep you loyal and committed.

We must note that marriage is not just a partnership between a man and a woman, but a relationship between two families. It is focused solely on shared faith. We must not violate this faith because of our dishonest urges. The planetary impact influences our whole life. Before you get married, you must review the planetary impact that is liable for adulterous relations in astrology. No one prefers a cheating partner. It is, therefore, essential, before marriage, to determine the state of unfaithfulness in your spouse’s birth chart.

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