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Astrological Remedies for Conflicts in relationship

Astrological Remedies to Avoid Conflicts in a Relationship

Life is full of ups and downs and there is no such thing as a flawless relationship.  Every stable partnership, professional relationship, family bond, or emotional relationship can have discrepancies and tensions. It’s unfathomable — if not unhealthy — to believe that you would handle life with just a little discord because that is one of the aspects wherein we develop and improve our relationships. The Happiness factor for any partnership is not just how comfortable, positive, and enjoyable you can be around each other, as well as how easily you can handle the unavoidable inconveniences and collapses that occur. Your Sun and Moon sign may be a combination of qualities, and therefore it is up to you to put a certain degree of ability into your astrological practice.

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Remedies for relationship problems

Relationships are essential to our well-being. Throughout our lives, we have been connecting with people and living with multiple individuals, such as spouse, relatives, parents, cousins, colleagues, etc. Our connection with them relies on a variety of aspects. Although there are affection and admiration, also there is tension and confusion in the relationships that contribute to disagreements, confrontations, etc. Such unpleasant instances seem to steal our sense of peace and our ability to concentrate.

Recognizing how to harness the constructive energy of your Sun and Moon sign will allow you the ability to pass rapidly through confrontation to a restored state of affection and resilience.

Aside from reciprocal personality and consequences, the planetary location in our birth chart is often accountable for these conditions. Ketu, Mangal, and Rahu are the most malevolent planets and therefore, can cause huge problems if they are positioned in unfavorable positions. Comprehending some effective astrological remedies to avoid conflicts in relationships will also enable you to grow beyond the fringed chaos and bind to their greater capacity.

  • Avoid wearing dark colors, especially black. Wear light, pastel shades that would keep you calm and at peace.
  • The same goes for your home, if you witness a lot of conflicts in your relationship, paint your walls white or lighter shades. Never leave your house or bedroom dim or completely dark. The atmosphere should be vibrant and light.
  • A Rudraksha does wonders on resolving conflicts, and it keeps you composed and calm. Wear it on your shoulder or your wrist. You may use Rudraksha to chant peaceful mantras and to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.
  • Wear a silver chain with a small silver square, make sure the silver square is always touching your body. If you don’t wish to wear a chain, make sure you keep a small silver square with you at all times.
  • Offer some green vegetables, green leaves, or grass in running water on Wednesday every month.
  • On Sunday, Immerse five almonds and some Misri in water. It is advised to never waste water and salt as it negatively affects your moon and sun sign.
  • Avoid using items made of leather. Organize Sunderkand pooja at your premises regularly.
  • One must chant Gajendra Moksha Mantra to remove conflicts in your relationships. Along with that, plant Peepal and Banyan trees.
  • Help the needy and poor by donating rice on Ekadashi. Offer green vegetables in a well on Sunday.

The remedies listed above are sure to help you curb the conflicts in your relationship. However, the best remedy as per astrologers is to avoid arguments altogether. Try to balance and maintain the sanity of your relationship by being honest and calm. If things persist, consult an astrologer for remedies specific to your and your partner’s birth chart.