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Arranged Marriage Or Love Marriage- What Your Marriage Horoscope Indicates

The increasing trend of love marriages in is not a new concept in the country since their existence was in the ancient times as well. Several points are there in the horoscope of a person that indicates whether love marriage or arranged marriage is destined for him.

Marriage related birth chart houses-arranged marriage or love marriage:

The houses in birth chart of a person having important role in marriage alliance are 7th, 2nd and 11th and they work in the following manner:

  • For marriage and spouse, the house that serves major role is 7th house
  • Relation with family is indicated by 2nd house
  • The bond of desires and friendship is represented by 11th house

Jupiter and Venus are the two significant planets that are known as implicators of marriage in life of a person.

Love marriage indications:

When you are in love with someone and want to tie the knot with your beloved person, it is important to see whether love marriage indications are there in your horoscope. The involvement of 5th house is there in love affair cases and therefore 5th house is analyzed to check the signification of love marriage in the life of the person.

As per marriage astrology, when association is there between 7th and 5th houses in horoscope of the person, there are high chances that the love concern will turn to marriage. The association could be anything like their lords and mutual aspects, lords’ conjunction, common constellation, signs exchange etc. When the association is stronger, there are high chances that successful marriage will be the conclusion of love affair.

In the case of arranged marriage, decision is taken by families of boy and girl while in love marriage; this decision to get married is taken by the girl and boy who are in love with each other.  This makes marriage astrology important as the astrologer can offer in-depth analysis of horoscope and predict whether chances are of love marriage or arranged marriage in the horoscope of the person.

Marriage is an important decision of life. When you are in love with someone, it becomes all the more important to know whether or not you will be able to live life with your beloved person. Experienced astrologers can help find the vital answers as whether your horoscope indicates love marriage or arranged marriage. Any type of possible problems could also be relieved with accurate remedies offered by highly experienced and knowledgeable astrologers.

So get help from marriage prediction now from expert astrologers and take important marriage related decisions wisely.

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