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Acche Din - अच्छे दिन

Acche Din as per Astrology

Our present world famous Prime Minister has given the slogan (Acche din aane wale hai) The good time, lucky days are coming. This was in the manifesto of Prime Minister that he will bring the good time for the Indian if he becomes the P.M.

Now one year is gone, much water has flown in the Ganga & Yamuna but the people are still waiting for the lucky days. I think Namo is unable to answer when the lucky days will come but the astrology can definitely tell you when lucky days for you will come.

Definition of Acche Din (Lucky days)

Everyone is well aware that definition of Acche Din is different for the person to person. A good job for the unemployed, marriage for the unmarried, small amount of money for the middle income group depend fully upon the job. I mean to say the fulfillment of your wish is the symbol of Lucky days. Let us tell you when the lucky days will come to you as per the astrology.

12th house of horoscope

There are twelve houses in the birth chart. Each house represents the different sphere of life. The twelfth house represents the expenditure as well as fulfillment of your desires also. This house is considered bad. But if this house is not good in the birth chart then the native has to face the sleeplessness in the life. You would have seen the people established in the society, having handsome salary, big house, all type of luxury etc. but at the same time they are suffered from the problem of sleeplessness. So I want to tell you that sleep is not an easily available thing, it is very precious only fortunate can enjoy the good sleep. Twelfth house also represent the bedroom pleasure so this delight & comfort can be enjoyed only in the case when you are having good & strong twelfth house in your birth chart.

As this house represents the fulfillment of desires so you will observe the fulfillment of desires during the Main Period (Mahadasha) & Sub Period (Antardasha) of the lord of twelfth house. For example if the lord of fourth house is placed in the twelfth house then the native will spend on the vehicle & house as fourth house represents the vehicle, house & property.

The planet placed in the 12th house of birth chart dispose the expenditure of native. During the Dasha & Antardasha of 12th house the native spend upon all kind of things from the necessity to luxury. Despite the unwillingness for spending, native forcefully spend money.

The people who are in misery and facing hardships, upset due to cash-strapped, borrowing, debt definitely they are facing the bad phase of the lord of twelfth house.

The twelfth house also represents the Spiritualism. If you want to know when the lucky days will come then it is essential to know about the Dasha & Antardasha of 12th house. Lucky days may come during The Mahadasha, Antardasha even in the Pratyantar dasha. You may have the feeling of lucky days during the Antardasha of lord of twelfth house in the Mahadasha of benefic planet. Apart from all this when lord of twelfth house sees the twelfth house in Gochar then you will definitely see the fulfillment of unfulfilled desire, requirement or wish.

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