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Reading academic performance by astrology
Reading academic performance by astrology

Astrology Explains the Academic Performance of Your Kids

It is obvious for parents to get worried about their kid’s education. They want them their children to score good marks, especially when it comes to making a career in science, engineering and medical fields. However, education is more than degrees and being eligible for certain careers. It is all about learning new concepts that contribute to intelligence, development and skills. Let see more about Academic performance by astrology.

While the academic success of a child can be the source of joy for any parents, poor scores and constant failures are stressful and often depressing.

The environment, teachers and learning ability determine the academic success of any individuals. But the role of planetary combinations can’t be sidelined in this context.

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Yeah, the horoscope or JanamKundali provides hints on many life aspects of your kids, including education. Some certain houses or planets can affect their learning.

The Influence of Planets on Your Kid’s Education

Mercury and Jupiter are two important planets determining your child’s education and achievements associated with learning.

Mercury is the planet of intelligence while Jupiter stands for education and knowledge.

When these two planets get into the 2nd House, which stands for primary education; 4th house, which represents college education; and 9th House, which represents post-graduation, you child has a great opportunity to shine in his or her academic life.

Apart from representing various learning stages, these houses also stand for certain cognitive abilities that are important in gaining an education.

For example, the 4th house represents the mind and mental stability, determining the capability of learning the concepts. Astrology says that 50% of one’s grasping power is determined by this house. Any negative influence on this house can hinder one’s ability to understanding the things.
The 5th house determines memory power as well as analytical power.
There are several combinations of success in education. However, the role of planet placements, Dasha and degrees remain important. For example, one might get success in school education but might end up as an average student in college life.

Important Houses for Academic Success

  • 1st House as it is the important point in the whole horoscope2nd House as it represents early education.
  • 4th House as it represents entire education.
  • 5th House as it stands for intellect. 
  • 9th House

Choosing the Right Field of Learning

Many parents want to choose the right field for their kids even in the earlier stage of learning.

Astrology makes some suggestions in this context.

If your kid has a strong Venus placed in the horoscope, they can excel in the field of art, including dance, painting and music. A strong Mars means they can be efficient in the field in the medical, surgical and engineering field. Saturn stands for the earth and therefore the desirable fields can be mines, petroleum, minerals and leather.

Astrology Can Solve Problems Related to Kid’s Education

Based on the planetary calculations, astrology finds the remedies for certain problems associated with your kid’s education, including…

  • Choosing the Right Course
  • Solving Emotional and Behavioural Problems
  • Helping Your Kids Succeed in Competitive Exams
  • Improving Their Academic Performance.


Keep in mind that astrology won’t do any miracle to help your kids overcome problems with their study. Instead, it suggests the solutions according to the planetary combinations. One more thing—it is important to choose an experienced astrologer as they can suggest you the right solution. To get good results, you as a parent should understand the problems of your kids and show them your compassion and support.

What do you think about Academic performance by astrology? Let us know by commenting below!

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