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Welcome to Horoscope India by Ashok Prajapati

Welcome to Horoscope India. These days astrology is very popular & astrologers are all around but those who are working to educate people very less. Through Horoscope India I am trying to educate people about astrology. Whatever you are going to learn here is based on my own experience & I use the only manual system for horoscope reading. I don’t use any kind of software’s for horoscope reading and predictions & I will keep it up as it is.

Who I am

My name is Ashok Prajapati & this is my official website where I put all my efforts to educate people about astrology. Since I have numerous requests for teaching people about astrology but it is not possible because daily I have enough work where I am too much busy. So I am unable to give my personal time to anyone.

I am Online Astrologer based in Ambala Haryana near Jagadhari Gate the center of the City. Here my office is by the name of Horoscope India.

I am graduate from Arts & before astrology, I was a Designer. Whatever images & designs you are seeing here designed by me only & even the each & every single word written by me here.

I have been working with MNC’s & software companies for 12 years so I met youngsters who were struggling in job & marriage. I have seen talented people working under those who have even not half knowledge of the subject. I have been with the people who were waiting for their marriage from years & still no luck.

Then I thought to help people to give them prediction for marriage or career so I can prove astrology really works.

From childhood, my interest was in Indian Astrology but at the same time, I was giving my dedicated time to software & graphics designing & extra time to horoscope reading & various astrology & remedial subjects such as Gemstone, Nadi Astrology, Routine life home remedies & other solutions who help in our life. So this is little information about me. If you want to know more you can just google my name.

Why Ashok Prajapati for horoscope reading

Today every astrologer is busy. You can see TV channels & stuff of astrology & crowd who are seeking for marriage prediction & career prediction by date of birth but have you observed how you will get the prediction. You will be offered like…

  • Several pages horoscope reading
  • Full Life prediction
  • More than the 10-page prediction
  • By renowned astrologers.

Now if you use your mind how is possible that you get your life prediction within a day or minutes? That is computerized programmed. There is online calculator available as marriage prediction calculator, career prediction calculator which is just for entertainment person.

I am working in my office individually & never hire any astrologers. I work manually & it always takes time to give the prediction to my customers. I take 5 to 7 days to give personalized marriage or career prediction. For Full life prediction, I take more time. This is because whatever I have to give my customers they have full trust in my name. They come back to me after some time to confirm the prediction was right & refer to other people as well.

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