7 Remedies by Astrologer To Help You Settle and travel Abroad

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Remedies by Astrologer To Help You Settle and travel Abroad

Going abroad is a different thing, staying there permanently is absolutely a different matter. Apart from this, getting success there is something else. It is not necessary that if your horoscope is having abroad travelling yoga, then you will be able to earn money from abroad. Along with the abroad travelling yoga in your horoscope, it is important to have the astrological yoga to stay there permanently.

There are many houses in the horoscope, which tells us about the possibility of going abroad and settle there. These houses are twelfth house, eighth house, fourth house, ninth house of the horoscope. Through this article, I will explain the one by one the possibility of going abroad and settle there. 

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The Twelfth House of the Horoscope

The twelfth house of the horoscope is very important. If strong planets are sitting in this house, then forget that you can survive & earn money easily abroad. The reason is very clear. The twelfth house represents expenses apart from other things. The strong planets by sitting there make you lavish & prodigal person. Abroad, you can save money only by keeping a curb on your expenses so that you can send it to your family. If you want to earn money and settle there, then the planet should be different in your horoscope.

The Eighth House of the Horoscope

The Eighth House of the horoscope is also one of the important houses as far as the foreign settlement is a concern. When there are one or more than one strong planet in the eighth house then we come to know about your tolerance power. Because without tolerance power it is almost impossible to stay at the foreign land.  

The Fourth House of the Horoscope

The fourth house of the horoscope represents the home or homeland. We consider the foreign travel, abroad settlement from this house. The reason is that if this house is strong then the person will never leave his home or homeland. If this house is afflicted then the person will be forced to leave his house, his country. When the lord of this fourth house sat in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope then the strong yoga of foreign travel emerges. 

The Ninth House of the Horoscope

The people like film star or celebrity use to travel for business purpose or for any work. This happens because the ninth house in their horoscope is related to the fourth house therefore foreign travel is not a big thing for them but it is just small favour by their destiny. The house of destiny is the ninth house of the horoscope so they get this very easily as the fourth house of the horoscope is also known as the house of ease. 


Till now through this article, we came to know about the challenges in the path of foreign travels and knew why the interruption & hindrance rises. To tackle all these problems and challenges I am going to suggest some remedies, which will definitely help you and increase your will power, will make the favourable circumstances.

  • Remedy for the problem of not getting the Visa

The first problem, most of the people encounter with is that after much struggle they don’t get the Visa. Every time for the one or other reason their visa application gets rejected. They try hard but don’t get the success and in the last after going through the time and again to the embassy they give up the hope. 

  • Remedy – If you are facing this problem then go out of your house to a distant place where nobody comes. At this place feeds the animal, if you get the animal-like dog then it would be better. Daily repeat this activity and look after the animal. After a few days, you will see that all the obstacles in your path have gone and you will easily get your visa.  
  • Application get rejected at the last moment
  • Remedy – The second problem, most of the people face is that they submit their application for foreign travel. Everything seems fine and you think that you will easily get the visa but at the last moment, you get the news that your application is getting rejected. This happens because your fate doesn’t want to send at the foreign land. 
  • Remedy – For the remedy, whenever you travel to a new village or town first pray to the local god of that area. Leave the Five ladoo (sweets) at the circle and within a few days, you will see that all your pending work start getting done.   
  • Reached Abroad but not settled 
  • Some people face the problem that they easily reached abroad. But they are not getting employment there.
  • Remedy – The parents of the child whose child is not getting proper employment in the abroad will do this remedy. Try to find the pregnant animal-like Bitch, Cow, female horse or any other pregnant animal. You have to look after that animal until the delivery. You have to take proper care of this animal. You will see that your child is getting the favourable conditions in the foreign land. He got someone who is looking after your child. 
  • Remedy – One other famous remedy is that if your child is in abroad and facing some difficulties. Then you get the one pair of any bird male & female along with the cage. Now take this pair of a bird out of the city and freed them so they may remain free. 
  • Remedy –  One other remedy is when your child is going abroad than before starting his journey gives him the soil of your courtyard and instruct him to keep it with him. The assumption behind this is that it will protect him and his nature, habit & attitude will not change there.
  • Remedy – If you reached abroad and staying at a place that is near the seashore then you can easily do this remedy. Not daily but at least twice, in the week take some sweets and offer it in the seawater. While offering the sweets in the water, pray to the god of water that if something happens well in my life I will come next time also. The assumption behind is that the Varun Devta ( the god of water) will be pleased and protect you. If seashore is not near you then you may perform the remedy in the Well or pond, the lake also.  

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Conclusion – I hope if you are facing the problem then these remedies will work for you because these are very simple remedies and everyone can easily perform. The more accurate remedy I can tell you only after seeing your horoscope. So if you are facing a serious problem then don’t hesitate to contact me.   


Ashok Prajapati is India, Ambala based dedicated astrologer serving people from last 25 years. Hi believe in practical astrology which comes from experience. He believes in Hindu Mantras & blessing people who have faith. His mission is to share maximum knowledge he learn from people's life and help the poor and helpless people.