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5 Effective Ways to Stop Losing Yourself from Relationship

Many cultures associate the ebb and flow in relationships with the relative planetary movements of the concerned individuals.  The patterns and feelings in a love connection can be rationally explained through the astrological calculations of your and your partner’s birth charts. In this regard, sometimes, in the process of loving your partner, you tend to ignore your individuality altogether subconsciously and what in the beginning seems to appear as a passionate connection can end up into a feeling of hollowness where you lose your connection with the self in the charm of loving your partner. According to the astrologers, such a problem arises due to the inappropriate relative effects of the energies resulting from the two peoples’ planetary movements. Certain remedies can be followed up to balance them.

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  • Keep your social behavior alive:

Losing your expression of socializing is not a solution to a joyous togetherness. Even if you are now a part of your partner’s social circle, always keep yours unaltered.   Keeping these actions in mind, astrologers suggest various remedies that can put an end to the energies opposing the above-said actions. For instance, donating besan and rice to the Rishis, Sadhus, or the needy people on Thursdays, helps in overcoming problems in partners.

  • Hold onto your Hobbies forever :

Giving away your hobby is a small step towards giving away a part of you. You can ask your astrologer about the remedies that can help you remain loyal to the activities that make you happy. Sometimes, your stars and zodiac signs are not favorable for your individual growth, and this can affect a relationship. After all, being content with oneself is key to contentment in a relationship. Enquire what mantras can be helpful in keeping your spirit for the hobbies intact and enjoy a hinder free relationship without losing your inner being.

  • Celebrate love with a hint of freedom:

Having spaces in your togetherness is of utmost importance. Be there for one another, but avoid being bound in the name of love. Growing love needs space to embrace the individual selves before anything else.

  • Never compromise on your ambitions:

Being loved should never be enjoyed at the cost of losing away your ambitions and aspirations. The Unconditional love towards your lover has to be balanced with an everlasting love for yourself. If you start doubting yourself even a bit, then there is no denying that every action of your lover will be filtered by your own thoughts of distress about yourself. In this line, ask your astrologers for the remedial actions based on the birth charts where you both can hold onto your professions and dreams while being the pillars for one another’s lifelong journeys.

  • Look for adjustments and not compromises :

For the growth of partners, both at the personal as well as relationship level, it’s very important to figure out the living patterns in such a way that both partners’ preferences and ideologies get the space to breathe and grow. Compromising makes an individual and the relationship stagnant and boring.

Having said that, sometimes, the influences of adverse planetary movements tend to drive you away from checking your Karmas, and it is always helpful to take the help of astrologers and pseudoscientific remedies during such times. The required ‘mantra ucharans’ and the ‘daans’ can help you negate the ill effects in your love life if there happens to be any. Balancing the divinity and the rationale is key to an excellent relationship where loving yourself first is the basis of celebrating togetherness.

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