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5 Common Marriages Problems Which Can Be Solved With Astrology

They say that marriages are made in heaven.

But not all people might believe this proverb due to their troubled married life.

Well, problems are inevitable in married life. It might be because of the misunderstanding between the couples. Maybe the wife is not on the good terms with her in-laws. The husband might have an extramarital affair. Money related issues can also cause friction between them.

While these problems are common, sometimes they lead to the worst outcomes such as divorce and domestic violence.

Even such things happen between the emphatic and open-minded couples.

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Astrologically speaking, marriage problems can be caused by planetary positions in one’s horoscope. An efficient astrologer suggests you remedies to overcome problems and lead a harmonious married life.

Here is a rundown of common marriage problems and how they can be solved with astrology.

Problems with In-Laws:

Your wife might have tumultuous relationships with her in-laws.

She doesn’t like the way their in-laws interfere in her marital life. Or she is not happy with her husband being the puppet of his mother all the time. Such things only bitter her relationships with her in-laws.

The 4th house from 7th house which is usually the 10th house belongs to the mother-in-law. The planetary position of this house indicates the nature of mothers-in-law. Similarly, the fourth house of a birth chart shows the nature of father-in-law and ninth house, the nature of brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.

Extra-Marital Relationships:

Is your partner cheating on you?

In astrology, this happens due to the interaction between certain planets.

For example, Mars stands for sexual expression and intimacy in married people while Venus is responsible for love, bonding and marriage. If Venus combines with Mars, the native is more likely to have an extramarital or secret love affair. If Venus just interacts with Uranus, then the affairs are just for the satisfaction of lust and sexual urges. The placement of Rahu in the seventh house also creates chances for extramarital affairs.

Lack of Physical Intimacy:

The intimate relations between married couples also determine their bonding. The lack of intimacy can hurt their married life. It is also determined by the position of the planets in one’s horoscope.

For example, Mars in Libra indicates issues in reproductive organs which lead to poor intimate relationships.

Weak and afflicted Venus in the 7th house shows that either wife will be infertile or husband might be impotent. 12th house is known for sexual pleasure. If it is weak, it indicated poor sexual life.

Financial Problems:

Financial problems can also produce friction in one’s married life.

The positive connection among the second, seventh and eleventh houses paves way for positive changes of having financial gains after marriage.

If there are negative or cruel planets in the second house, or the lord of the second house is affected, there might be negative results. One might lose wealth and become broke after marriage. Or one’s suppose might not remain financially stable after marriage.

Compatibility Issues:

If a couple is experiencing a lack of warmth and happiness in their relationship for a long time, there might be issues in their astrological houses.

The key houses for marital happiness or disharmony are 4th house, 8th house, 7th house, and 12th house. While compatibility is generally predicted through kundali milan before marriage, the incompatibility can still occur due to other issues.

If the Lord of the 7th house is in conjunction with 12th lord and Rahu and placed in Lagna, it is not a good indication.

An Astrologer Can Help You with these Problems

So these are some common problems that can eclipse one’s married life. As they are caused by the negative placement of the planets, an astrologer can help you fix these problems.

An efficient astrologer will suggest remedies to pacify negative planets in your horoscope so that you can restore a cordial relationship.





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