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2nd house of horoscope for abroad setttlement predictions

2nd House of horoscope for Abroad Settlement Predictions

Many people dream of living or working abroad for a better life.

Working or settling in western nations is often associated with the 2nd house of horoscope which is the house of prosperity and growth. That’s why people spend their hard-earned money to make their dream come true.

But is it really easy to settle in other nations?

Here I would like to share an incident with you. Recently, I met a person who was sitting outside the immigration agent’s office to send his son abroad. He was a landlord and has sold the major part of his land to manage the fund. The person told me that their son’s visa got rejected several times, resulting in the loss of money. He applied again and met the same fate.

Here is another real story in which a man mortgaged all property to send his son abroad. However, his son landed in legal trouble over there. The man again spent a huge amount to get his son out of a problem. Although his son has come back to India, he is sitting idle. 

Homesickness & Abroad Settlement

Abroad Visa Refusal Predictions

I also know some people who somehow managed to go abroad but returned due to homesickness. Here is an incident of a couple who spent a lot of money to study abroad. However, they were not successful to study as planned by them. Meanwhile, their time has come over while there is no scope of education. Government can send them back anytime. Will they get their money back?


I have horoscopes of such people who failed to go or settle abroad due to many reasons. Some of them have been facing visa refusals for a long time.  


Why going abroad is not in the fate of some people despite spending a huge amount of money? Why their visa gets refused? Why they are not able to live in a foreign land? That’s why make sure to get your horoscope analyzed before going abroad. Otherwise, you might have to regret the loss of money like these people.

Houses of Abroad Settlement in astrology

There are many houses that tell the possibility of foreign travel and settlement in your fate. These houses should be analyzed for the negative aspects such as homesickness and financial problems.

2nd house of horoscope for abroad settlement

The second house in the horoscope represents your family background and communication skills. So how the second house is associated with your chances of settling abroad?

First of all, this house shows the financial condition in your fate. After all, it takes a lot of money to visit a foreign land.

If there is no financial prosperity in this house, then you might have to drop the idea of going abroad.  However, getting sponsored or funded by others is a different thing as you don’t need to spend out of your pocket.

Apart from that, there might be some planetary positions in the second house that can hurt your money.

Then, a horoscope should also be checked for the planetary position causing homesickness. A homesick person is not able to live away from his family for a long time.

They can even miss their city or country while living with their family in another nation. Being homesick means you won’t be able to live abroad for longer.

Abroad Settlement by Astrology

Why 2nd House is important for abroad travel?

The second house represents oral skills also. However, if it is ruled by Rahu or Ketu, even an eloquent speaker can say inappropriate things. For example, you can say something wrong during your interview at an embassy. Such things can cause the rejection of your application.

The second house should also be studied for the presence of Marak yoga.

Marak yoga (the planetary combinations harmful for life) happens when this house is ruled by the 8th house lord, 7th house lord, 3rd house planets. It can lead to troubles and even cause untimely death far away from home.

I know a lady who was fallen ill on her first trip to the USA and died soon after. Later, I came to know that she had Marak yoga in her horoscope. Another example is of a man who went to the USA for a job and got arrested.

Knowledge is essential to settle abroad. And the second house is also the house of knowledge.

So you must have understood how a second house can play important role in your abroad settlement. What do you think? Let me know by commenting below!

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