When I will get married.

As per astrology when will i get married

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This question is very common. Here are the people who allowed me to publish their queries…


Question:When I will get married order id FE3557

Name – Private
Your Question – Guru Ji Pranam,
My order Id is FE3557. I request you to please check my horoscope and tell me

When will i get married and how my husband would be and what is my future after marriage. My details are 15-08-1986 20:00 Kashi.


Kundali Reading by Ashok Prajapati

You will get married when you feel the following indications in your life.

When you meet with the person who have less hair. Specs on eyes. The time when you get a lot of gifts would be near to your marriage. When you see water, river, rain, greenery  in your dreams.

In 2013 after March there is very good position of stars in your horoscope. Feel free as you will get married in 2013.

Your good luck is waiting for you after marriage. Your marriage will be fruitful for you. There are 5 planets in seventh house of horoscope. The Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Moon are very best here. Only one negative thing is your husband would be opposite to you by nature. Your view will not match. But you will consider your husband as a best person of your life. You will love your husband a lot. He will get opportunities after marry with you. Because you are lucky for your husband.

After one year of your marriage Jupiter will give you money, good financial position, bank balance. Due to Saturn your mother in law will not love you. There may be some issues in your mother in law and you. Moon will be responsible for a girl child. Mercury will get you piece of mind. You will feel relax after marriage. Your in laws may have any kind of business. Venus is responsible for your marriage date. As I said above you will get married in 2013 only. This time calculation comes under Venus. Ketu will be responsible for your husband’s health issue. Your husband may have disease of skin.

I have already described your horoscope very well. If you have more questions you may call me on the given number.
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Question:When I will get married order id FE22506

Name – Private
Subject – When i will get married ,Your Message – Sir, My order Id is FE22506. I have horoscope membership monthly plan.In my 5 questions I want to ask the following. I talked to you 3 days back but today I cannot call you. My main question is when I will get married and about my wife.

1. Please tell me good or bad planet in my horoscope.

2. When I will get married and if you can tell me the marriage date, that would be great and

3. What about my wife.

4. Please also tell me if there is government job in my kundali

5. Fifth question will ask later. Please tell me everything online as I am traveling and cannot call you.

Date of birth: 21-oct-1992 Time:11:50 am place ahmedabad

Horoscope Reading by Ashok Prajapati

When i will get married

The favorable planets in your horoscope are Moon, Saturn and Sun. The unfavorable planets in your horoscope are Mars Rahu, Ketu and Venus. Rest all planets will have mixed effect on your life.

After June 2013 between 7 months you will be get married.

Your wife will be beautiful but grumpy nature. Fortunately you will have beautiful wife according to your horoscope. She would have some health issue related to bones and blood. Nothing is serious except in the age of 42  she may have surgery.  Her arrival in your home will be most fruitful for your father and mother because Saturn and Mercury are taking care of your parents. She will be well educated & modest nature. For all these points your Moon and Mars are responsible and it is called Chandra Mangal Yog in horoscope.

Government job yog is not in your horoscope because there is not such planetary positions. The lord of tenth house is sitting in 8th house which will be result to getting you abroad for very limited time. That period will be very very important in your life because you will learn and grow after. So do not think about government job because there is much opportunities for you in your business management line as per your horoscope.



When will i get married order id FE22078

This question is frequently asked to me. Every person want to ask when will I get married and I have posted many articles on married life and astrology. But marriage is the moment for which many many people are waiting for. They really want to know how his / her husband would be? How beautiful my wife would be? How beautiful my husband would be?

when will i get married astrology

Last night I got a very special email from one of the common lady. She asked just two questions in one line. How tall and handsome my husband would be and please tell me if he would be like Model or Hero by personality. After I analyze her horoscope, I was wondered that she has a separation yoga due to Rahu and Sun in her seventh house. Rahu and Sun together makes such strongest yoga because both planets are known as specialist of separation. In this lady’s horoscope the Sun and Rahu is in Libra which is Sun’s worst position. I did not replied yet because she is of 33 years old and this is possible that she is just testing my skills. She is already married because there is no chance of such delay in marriage. Well, I know how to treat such kind of personalities.

I think every lady has a dream of such handsome husband or something like that. Ladies look for good personality and when they found the ‘One’ they fall in love with him. Something like that happens in Men’s cases also.

If you want to know when marriage happens according to kundli, you need to analyze your horoscope. You must have clear basics of astrology. Click here to know more about marriage yoga in horoscope.

If you want me to check your horoscope just send me your full birth details at info@horoscope-india.com. Sometimes when someone want to ask about his / her partner also, send me full birth details of both. You can clear your doubts by paying the consultation fee. Click here to proceed.

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When I will get married


When I will get married Order ID FR22509

Your Horoscope Question – I want to know when will i get married, if not can i progress for my higher studies

Kundali Reading by Ashok Prajapati Your Sun is in ninth house which is its best position. But Sun is sitting in Libra which is its Neech Rashi. That is why your luck does not give you desired results. There is always hope, a confirmed hope but your Sun destroy it.

Rahu Ketu is sitting in Ascendant and Seventh house. Seventh is known as your married life and life partner’s nature. When young by degrees Rahu Ketu becomes very strong so delay is instinctive.

Your Horoscope is given below.

When will i get married horoscope
horoscope when will i get married

You are Scorpion. This year before June there is a marriage yog but in case you are not getting marred in 2013, you will have to wait for 13 months more.

Your next question would be answered right here soon.


When I will get married Order ID EFOT0072

Enter Your Message – my dob is 20 august 1986 ,time : 4 hour 20 min pm , Delhi. i want to know about my marriage , it will be love or arrange ,in which year ,wht type of guy i will marry ? What is special in my horoscope and please tell me imp events of my life.

Answer by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

Important event in your life

When you will be at age 34 you will have a lot of debt & financial Crises. At this time one of your old friend will help you a lot. You might have an accident but don’t worry you would not have any loss. My advise is when you would be at the age of 33, donate your blood if you can.

Dear —— ——–, You are Manglik and no doubt Saturn is there to save you effects of Manglik Yoga but still you have it and you should be marry with someone who have similar Manglik Yog.

Your Husband may belongs to any other country. His business may settled in abroad. You dont have clear yoga for love marriage. Your love may be one sided so be careful.

Your life partner would be polite and ideal. He will be tall and handsome. He may have affected with problems related to eyes. Your influence would be greater than your husband. You will get success after marriage but also you will face some problems related to health either you or your husband.

After September 2013  within 7 months you have a very good Yoga for marriage so try to make Jupiter strong. Keep Pran Pratishthit Guru Yantra in your purse. Yantra is already sent to your address via Maruti Courier.

Strongest Planet in your Horoscope

The most strongest planet in your horoscope is Sun. You should offer Saffron Water to Sun at the time its rises. Do this practice daily and make it your habit. You will feel there is always someone taking care for you.

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Your Kundali Question: Will I get married this year?

You told me that my marriage will happen in Jan 2014….but i can get engaged in 2013 in sept…..You also said that i will get ”rishta” unexpectedly , sitting at home only , without doing any effort from my side. That is why I am asking you again sir .And whatever you said IS SO TRUE.  I did not do any effort , he contacted me unexpectedly  The boy is a muslim and I am pandit brahmin. .. Thats why I wanted to be sure .Is there any way to make out from kundli if we gonna have an inter-religion marriage ?? Because if inter- religion marriage is not written in my kundli , I dont want to go ahead .I have full faith in you and astrology and I dont want to go against my kundli  and ruin my life.My mom had gone against astrology and you know the result . I dont want to repeat that mistake.
Thanks and regards
Answer: As I told you earlier, you dont have any yoga of marriage this year. I see horoscope of that person. He is purely manglik. Look at his age. He is 1977 means 35 years old. And you are just 34. How much difference is there? Do you understand the meaning of this difference? If you marry him, you know he is manglik and again you will come to know that you are not manglik because your marriage is going to happen in the early age.
You have spent money for my advise, how can I advise you wrong. I must protect you from upcoming failure, bad future.
I hope you got the answer.
For further queries, please use the comment box below.


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