When I will get married.

As per astrology when will i get married

When you are unmarried the question arises in mind when will I get married or when the marriage will get settled. Being an astrologer I am answering this question from last few years. In this post I am going to explain each and everything in details.

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Date of birth is important

When you ask something an astrologer create your horoscope. To create correct horoscope the astrologer need your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Sometimes you don’t have correct time of birth. In that case the prediction accuracy gets affected. Because in horoscope there are period and sub periods to interpret what will happen and when. These period and sub period are as date, month and year format. If you’re correct birth time is 10:00 am and you give an estimated 10:15 or 10:20 then these 15-20 minutes affect your period and sub period by approx. one month. The more accuracy in the date and time will be there the more accurate prediction an astrologer can interpret. If you want me to analyze your horoscope, give me your complete birth details.

Past Prediction

When someone comes to me for prediction I always look into his past. This helps me to determine accuracy of horoscope. This is important because sometimes a horoscope changes in next minute. If the person have done mistake in his time of birth the horoscope I am reading will not be what it should be. In that case the prediction will go wrong. While the birth of baby it always takes 20-30 minutes. When do you think doctor should note the time of birth? When the first impression of baby’s body appears or when the baby comes out of his mother’s body? Whatever is that, we should always check the past incidents for accuracy of dates given in horoscope.

When I am reading your horoscope the past incidents and your nature, habits etc. I will explain first. Once everything is confirmed, I move further for the reading.

Marriage Ruling Planets & Marriage Date Prediction

In girls horoscope that is Jupiter and in men’s horoscope, Venus is the ruling planet of marriage. The next thing is seventh house of horoscope which is factor A. The zodiac sign is also given in seventh house whose lord is another important factor to interpret about life partner. This is factor B.

The delay caused in every event of our life due to Saturn and other malefic planets. More close the factor A and B to the malefic planets, the more delay will happen in marriage. Then I check the period and sub period of planets. If Venus or Jupiter’s period is near, the marriage chances are also there. If they are far away, the lord of seventh house should be analyzed that how soon it would come in the period or sub period.

My report contains the estimated year and month when you will get married and sometimes I also provide the most favorable date for marriage.

When will I get married astrology

Nature and Character of life partner

Generally we know a person who is close to us. You love your partner but don’t know your marriage will be with the same person you love.

In my report I explain how will be your life partner by nature. The good and bad things about your life partner will be justified. The complexion and appearance of your life partner will be well explained. Other than that I explain he will be handsome or not, his physic his height, how will be his overall personality. Most likely my predictions match with your life partner. If not you will have marriage with a person to whom you will meet in future. Your Navmansha Chart is all about your life partner’s appearance.

Best direction for marriage

The strongest ruling planet of your marriage tells where your marriage will happen. If your Sun is the ruling planet of your marriage, marriage will happen in East direction. If Mars is that, South will be best direction for your marriage. If Saturn is strongest planet who is affecting seventh house, your marriage will happen in West and if Moon affects the seventh house with full power, you will marry where the river or sea exist. In astrology there is ruling planet of everything. The difficult task is to determine that planet. That I do with my full attention.

How will be life after marriage

Horoscope has 9 planets as Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars are malefic and Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon are benefic planets. If seventh house is surrounded by malefic the married life could be critical. If benefic planets are there in seventh house or affect seventh house with aspect, married life proves fruitful. In my report I tell in detail what will you get and what will you lost as per your horoscope. In horoscope the 8th house is considered for in laws. How will be their relations with you?

I believe If you get a detailed horoscope reading of your marriage, you will be able to determine the person in first meeting when you meet your partner.

When i will get married



  1. akashkulkarni1991@gmail.com

    sir my dob is 25 aug 1990 place of birth kamtaul [bihar] time of birth 06:45 am when will i get married sir

  2. Name: manoj varma
    Place of Birth:allavaram andhra pradesh

  3. Sir my dob 14.07.1990
    Place of Birth:allavaram andhra pradesh
    When I will get married

  4. guruji my dob is 25 aug 1990 place of birth kamtaul [bihar] time of birth 06:45 am sir when will i get married? can i have intercaste love marriage

  5. akashkulkarni1991@gmail.com

    sir my dob is 25 aug 1990 place of birth is kamtaul [bihar] time of birth 06:45 am pls tell me when will i get married

  6. pranaidu@gmail.com

    When will I get married?

    Name: Praveen Kumar
    DOB: 11/Dec/1988 09:50 AM
    Place: Bangalore

  7. akashkulkarni1991@gmail.com

    sir my sister dob is 1st oct 1991 place of birth kalyan time of birth 7:10 pm when will she get married

  8. Sir, when will I get married? I was born at 12:25 am(mid night). So Hindu panchanga takes it the previous day, but English calender takes the next day.
    Hindu panchanga – 07/07/1982 – time 12:25 am
    English Calender – 08/07/1982 – time 12:25 am
    Birth place – Koppal, Karnataka.

    • I have considered your date of birth as 8 July 1982 morning. Your horoscope has critical planetary position so there is a serious delay in your marriage.

      • Hi sir, i am swarnalatha. I am in love with a boy. his name is V.sudhan Dhakshneswaran. We both are hindus but from different caste. plzz help me to get married with sudhan. i need to know about my love marriage.
        My details

        Boys details
        place -chennai

      • Hi ashok uncle
        My name is nilesh and when I get married?
        Birthday:02na April 1991
        Time: 7.15am
        Place virpur kheda gujarat

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