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Third House of the Horoscope or Kundali

The Third House of the Horoscope

Horoscope is the mirror where we can see our future. There are 12 houses in the horoscope chart. I have already described about 1st house of the horoscope and the 2nd house of the horoscope. Now I will try to explain what things you can know from your third house of Kundali / horoscope.

The third house of the horoscope defines different aspects like how courageous are you, number of friends, will they be helpful, how many siblings you will have, elder or younger brother and sisters.

For example if you are closely attached to your younger brother can be found out from the third house. The third house becomes very important in case if the person is not settled in life, he keeps wandering, does not get success in whatever he does. There is definitely some drawback in this house. In case if there is no drawback then the ninth house is also to be considered which is close to the third house. Both the houses have to seen. However, it your third house is very strong or favorable.

If there is presence of some favorable planet in the third house like Mars (Mangal), Mercury (Budh), Sun (Surya), Jupiter (Guru), Dragon’s Head (Rahu) then you will more courageous than others, you will have strong influence on others, you will conquest, generally you will observe that your opponents will be under you, they will never be able to beat you or defeat you. That’s why the third house is very important.

The planets in the third house are very influential in your life. With the help of third house you can find out how much of patience, courage, power. If you get into a fight easily with people then this is also known by the third house. If the Mars in the third house is not weak then it makes you courageous person. For example the great warrior Chandragupta Mourya had fought and won so many battles. I am not saying that he had Mars in the third house.

What I mean that if there is strong planet then you will also achieve similar power. It will be of help, your friends will help you, your enemies will be scared of you, they will stay away from you looking at the number of friends you have. The third house is for your ears also. By checking your senses any problem related to your ears can be know. For your ears the eleventh house is to be considered as well. This is a completely different topic so we won’t get into its details.

How the presence of different planets in the third house affect us

First comes Sun (Surya). If Sun is present in the third house then the person is courageous, conquers others, usually people are afraid of the person. But Sun shouldn’t be of Libra sign because in this position Sun will get harmed and you won’t be a courageous but be a coward and timid person. People will take over you easily.

If Moon (Chandra) is present in this house then it has to be of good star sign like Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries. Sisters would be more than brothers.
Like I already spoke about Mars that it gives you courage, helps you fight back, and helps you by letting your brothers and friends be with you.

Like wise is Mercury gives you the happiness of lot of friends, they finish your undone work, helps you in all possible things and stand by your side always. But the position has to be in a good state. It should be Mercury of Virgo or if it’s of Gemini then it’s the best combination. No matter which ever star sign it is with, but Mercury should never be of Pisces otherwise the effects will be opposite.

Next is Jupiter (Brihaspati/ Guru). Like other planets it has to be with good planet. It has good effects with Aries, Scorpio, Gemini and will be best in Cancer sign. If in Leo it will be good, will be average in Virgo and Libra. Scorpio if has its Dragon’s Tail in the third house then it will be very good, will be superior for Sagittarius sign.

It will have negative effect in case of Capricorn. You will be betrayed by your friends, you won’t have the support of your relatives, and you might face separation from your brothers and sisters. For Aquarius again the presence of Jupiter is excellent. The time when they come together is the time when the famous Kumb Mela is held. For Pisces again is favorable.

Then we will talk about Venus (Shukra). Venus is of Aries then the person will be unintelligent. The position of Venus is not considered good at all. With Venus there is more of timid.  If you are a lady then it Venus will work for you but if you are a male then Venus won’t work for you and you will have lot of female friends. But if Venus is of Taurus, Libra or Pisces in the third house then you will get all possible happiness and luxury in life. You will have lot of servants to do your work. Your friends will always help you, your brothers and moreover your sisters will help you.

In case if Saturn (Shani) is of Aries star sign then it is not at all good. Saturn is very mean in Aries and makes you a coward, afraid and unintelligent person. If it is with Taurus, Gemini then it is very favorable. In case of Cancer it will enlighten your fate but reduce the number of your friends. For Leo sign Saturn will give you good education and a good fate. But you won’t have support from friends and brothers and sisters. You will also be a calculative spender. Saturn in average when in Virgo. Saturn is the most favorable when in Libran sign and is at its best. The person is very well known among people and has many people at their disposal. If you are the person with this combination then you are extraordinary person. Then you can be the king of an empire. No one will ever be able to defeat you and you will receive all happiness in life. Saturn in Scorpio is not that good. But it will help you in education. You will be interested in technical stuff. You can good technician or engineer. If interested in computers then software is a good option. In Sagittarius sign Saturn is very lucky. Aries and Aquarius will be as good as Libra sign as these are the signs of Saturn. Saturn will be very happy in these signs and will keep you happy; it will also keep your friends happy and will be favorable for your friends also. In Pisces sign position of Saturn is average.
In case of presence of Dragon’s Head (Rahu) you will be attack you enemies and will win over them. But all this will be done with strategies and diplomacy. Dragon’s Head will work in all signs except Sagittarius. You will attack secretly but will definitely win over and be courageous.
In case of Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) your friends will help you, you will have ties with underworld, and you will have people in all possible places and will be known by many people. You won’t be an ordinary person and won’t be part of the crowd. Dragon’s Tail is very favorable in this position. But there is other side to it; Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail are facing each other. In this case you can get into addiction and drug abuse. So these were the effects of different planets in the third house. More information will come to you in the next article.

!! Jai Shri Ram!!

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