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Bagalamukhi Mantra by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

Baglamukhi Mantra

I have observed that the Baglamukhi Mantra at internet on many sites is incorrect & erroneous. If you don’t know the exact pronunciation of the Bagalamukhi Mantra then this article will definitely help you. This Mantra is not only helpful in winning the court cases & enemies but it is also helpful in get rid of Adhidavik & Adhibhotik problems. ...

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Astrology as business

Fill the form and ask your question

On the basis of my experiences I can say that 60% astrology experts around us are fake, thug and swindler and expert in how to take advantage of the human emotions. Their aim is to extract money from you. They don’t have the knowledge of astrology. They are hypocrite and imposture. The unhappy, upset people want the solution of their ...

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Personality and Attraction as per astrology

Attraction is essential

Attractive personality & Attraction is essential for life Many times we see a person very attractive, it does not matter whether the person is male or female, young or old. We find ourselves pulling towards him like the attraction of magnet. Sometimes we see a person with a very attractive personality that forces the other people to come to him. ...

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Introduction to Raahu

Love affairs & Rahu

राहू राहू ससुराल है राहू वह धमकी है जिससे आपको डर लगता है | जेल में बंद निर्दोष कैदी भी राहू है | राहू सफाई कर्मचारी है | स्टील के बर्तन राहू के अधिकार में आते हैं | हाथी दन्त की बनी सभी वस्तुए राहू के रूप हैं | रास्ते का पत्थर राहू है | राहू वह मित्र है जो ...

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Government Job in Kundali

Government job yoga in kundali horoscope

Everybody wants Government Job. Because once you got government job then need not worry, you are secure for the whole life, besides this there are several other benefit of Government job. After love & marriage related questions, the people frequently asked the job related questions especially government job. I studied the horoscope chart of many people who are in Government ...

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