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Co-Incidence or Sanjog of Marriage

In the present article I have chosen the topic Marriage Sanjog (Co-Incidence) as per the Horoscope chart in astrology. Here Sanjog means marriage yoga co-incidence. It is said that God almighty fix the marriages in the heaven. That’s why sometimes girls & boys lives at the distant places but anyhow they come into contact with each other and get married.

Every girl & boy eager to know about her/his life partner before marriage. They wants to know when will I get married by horoscope. This curiosity take them to Astrologers. An astrologer with the sound knowledge of astrology can easily give the full details of their future life partner. After analyzing their horoscope birth chart (Kundali) he will easily tell the direction to which their life partner belongs.

Marriage Yoga as per the Horoscope (Kundali)

Let us see the different type of marriage yog as per the astrological calculations. First of all  let’s talk about the Ascendant. It is not essential that bride & groom shall have the same ascendant in their horoscope birth chart. For example, one may have in his/her horoscope birth chart Aries Ascendant & the other may have the Scorpio Ascendant

Kundali Marriage yog

In this picture boy has the Aries Ascendant in his horoscope birth chart.

Kundali Marriage Yoga

In this picture girl has the Scorpio Ascendant in her horoscope birth chart. The number in the chart denotes the number of zodiac.

There are sixteen types of birth chart for different purpose. Navmansh horoscope chart tells about the life partner of jathagam (Horoscope).

Suppose one planet placed in the seventh house of horoscope chart of girl then it is quite possible that the same planet will be in the ascendant or in the navmansh ascendant of the horoscope of boy to whom she is going to get married.

One important thing is necessary to note that Venus in the horoscope birth chart of boy tells about his life partner. While Jupiter in the horoscope birth chart of girl tells about her life partner. For example1: If Venus sat in the first house of boy’s horoscope and in the first house of girl’s horoscope chart also, then marriage yog is possible between them.

Example2: The horoscope (Kundali) of boy or girl match with the navmansh chart of girl or boy, then also marriage yog is possible between them.

An astrologer while matching the horoscope birth chart of boy and girl, gives the match making number for compatibility in both the horoscope birth chart. As per the astrology there are maximum 36 number & there must be 18-20 or more than 20 match making number for a successful marriage.

Chances of Love marriage in Horosocope

Every youngsters falls in love with the opposite sex. But it is not essential that his/her love turns into marriage. An astrologer can easily tell you about the chances of love marriage after reading your horoscope by date of birth & time.

After reading the girl & boy‘s horoscope birth chart an astrologer can tells the possibility of love marriage between them.

Every house of the horoscope birth chart represents different aspects of life.

The fifth house of the horoscope birth chart represents the love relationship of native, intensity of love relationship, number of love relationship, fathom of love between lover & beloved, love relationship will turn into marriage or not etc.

The seventh house represents the marriage of the native.

When there is relation between fifth house & seventh house of the horoscope birth chart then love relationship turns into marriage. The stronger the relationship between fifth house & seventh house, the chance of love marriage shall be more.

While kundali matching (Horoscope Compatibility test) it should be ensure that both the horoscope have love marriage yoga or not. Then check the possibility of marriage yoga. First of all check which planet is the master or owner of seventh house? Suppose in one birth chart Venus is the owner of seventh house and in the other horoscope birth chart moon is the owner of seventh house. Now we have to check the placement of Venus & Moon in the respective horoscope. If both the planet sat in the ascendant of the respective horoscope birth chart or navmansh chart then there is possibility of marriage between them.

In another yoga, first of all check which planet is the owner of fifth house. Suppose in one horoscope Sun is the owner of fifth house and Mars is the owner of fifth house in the second horoscope. Now we have to check whether Sun and Mars are placed jointly in the ascendant of horoscope or Navmansh Chart. If Sun and Mars have jointly occupied ascendant in horoscope or Navmansh chart then possibility of marriage is high.

But we should not rely upon the one or two yoga. We should check the other marriage yoga also. At present more than 50 astrology yoga of love & marriage are hovering in my mind. But it is not possible to give detail of all yoga here. Finally, I would like to say only one thing that before consulting any online astrologer you should have knowledge of basic horoscope reading. This will help you to determine what is the knowledge level of person who is reading your horoscope.

Let’s analyze your horoscope. Send your birth details in the form below and know about your marriage.

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    sir my dob is 25 aug 1990 place time of birth 06:45am place of birth kamtaul [bihar] sir my girlfriend dob is 01 oct 1991 place of birth kalyan[maharashtra] time of birth 07:10pm sir pls tell is there any marriage sanjog between us? we are of different caste is intercaste marriage possible

  2. Can u please tell me when my marriage happen?
    date of birth 16 october 1989. at pathanamthitta,kerala

  3. 23-10-96
    5:17 a:m

    Plz tell when will I get marry?

  4. Sundar singh panwar

    hello sir please tell me when i will get marry and whether it’s love or arrange? and what career should I chose???? my dob is 12-05-1989. Srinagar garhwal uttarakhand…..

  5. hello sir…
    my dob is 11-10-1991
    time-7:10 am
    i want to know that would i have love marriage or arranged marriage and when?

  6. My details-female
    Time-02:55 pm
    Place-chhatarpur (M.P)


  7. My details: female
    Dob: 18th Nov 1990
    Time: 03:25 AM
    Place: Mumbai, India

    His details: male
    Dob: 26th May 1985
    Time: 03:55 PM
    Place: Mumbai, India

    Will we be able to marry each other? I am confused, some says YES and some says NO.

  8. My details: female
    Dob: 05/03/1983
    Time: 02:58 AM
    Place: Pune, india

    His details: male
    Dob: 13/02/1982
    Time: 09:10 PM
    Place: Pune, india
    Will we be able to marry each othe? if there is love marriage yoga in our kundali

  9. namaskar
    i want to know when my daughter will get married.
    name chinni
    date of birth 21 march 1987
    time 8.50 am
    place chennai
    kindly advice

  10. I want to know about my marriage, When I will get married? Is there any problem in my future married life?
    My details:
    Name: swathy
    DOB: 05-nov-1987
    Birth Time: 04:50 AM (IST)
    Birth Place: kerala

  11. Namstey pandt ji, I want to marry a guy of diffrnt cste bt my dad is against it n d guy also creates pblm.he says he will do mariage properly bcz of his parents details:
    Tm:9.00 am
    His details:
    Tm:11.10 pm
    Will our marriage happen and when?

  12. Can you please tell me when and where I will meet my future wife?

  13. Hi Ashok ji,
    I want to know about my marriage, When I will get married? Is it love or arranged? Is my life partner comes from my relations or outside?
    My details:
    Name: Venkata Pavan
    DOB: 08-Mar-1986
    Birth Time: 07:10AM (IST)
    Birth Place: Guntur(Andhra Pradesh)

    Please check my details and let me know.

  14. Hi,
    I want to know, when I will get married & whether is love/arranged & is my future life partner from with in relations or outside?
    My Details:
    Name: Venkata Pavan
    DOB: 08-Mar-1986
    Time: 07:10AM
    Birth Place: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh(India).

    Thanks in advance..

  15. my birth details are:
    date of birth: 24 october 1988
    time of birth: 11:50am
    place of birth: gwalior, madhya pardesh, india
    can u plz tell me when and where i will get married..

  16. My birth details are:

    Date of birth: 26th January 1982
    Time of birth: 7:15 AM
    Place of birth: Calcutta, West Bengal, India

    Can you please tell me when and where I will meet my future wife?

  17. how can i make payment by credit card…. plz ensure….

  18. I am facing real problems in my love. The guy I love also loves me but his parents are not ready for marriage rather are fixing somewhere else
    my details: female
    dob: 10 apr 86
    Time of birth: 16.30
    Place of Birth: chandigarh, India
    His Details:
    DOB: 25.09.1983
    Time of Birth: 17.24
    Place of Birth: New Delhi
    will v be able to marry each other?
    If there is love marriage yoga in our kundli.

    • Surprisingly your horoscopes have 34 Guna out of 36. Unfortunately your lover is Manglik. I must say don’t marry with him as he is 100 percent Manglik. According to Books there is Manglik Dosha Pariharam in your horoscope but in practical such pariharam does not work. However I would have to analyze your horoscope in more details which will cost you 700. After payment send me a message on my mobile.

  19. I am facing real problems in my love relation. The girl whom i love also loves me but her parents are not ready for marriage.
    my details: Male
    dob: 04.10.1985
    Time of birth: 13.00
    Place of Birth: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    Her Details:
    DOB: 11.03.1989
    Time of Birth: 23.30
    Place of Birth: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

    will v be able to marry each other?

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