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Lucky Stone Emerald – पन्ना

Emerald is a Green colored beautiful gem. Jewelry made with this gem is very costly because Emerald is very expensive gem stone. Emerald sold in the market is as expensive as much as it is transparent. By wearing this gem a person’s intelligence increases. This gem is very effective for those – children unable to concentrate on studies or didn’t understand a thing while studying too hard, children with weak mind, whose body growth is average but mental growth is slow, businessmen, teachers and lawyers. As per horoscope all intelligent persons must once try this gem. If Budh is in 6th, 8th & 12th house in your kundli then you must not wear this gem. If you wear Emerald in the Mahadasha of Mercury then it does not harm you but benefit you. If Budh is with Mars, Rahu, Ketu then even if it is good this does not benefit you. Resulting the person will never be able to do his business or if he does he will not be successful.

Who should wear this gem as per Lagna’s…

Aries should not wear this gem because it does not suit them.

For Taurus Ascendant people, emerald helps in progeny and money related matters. It helps in getting sudden wealth gain. Makes love affairs better and helps to sort out conflicts in family.

Emerald is helpful in every way for Gemini’s. You must wear Emerald to get success in Property matters, Vehicles, Health, Dispute or Court Cases.

Ascendant Cancer people must not wear Emrald.

For Leo Ascendant people Emerald helps in solving money related matters. By wearing emerald expenditures will be less and financial gain will be more.
For Ascendant Virgo people should wear Emerald to get promotion in job, success in business, Government job and Prestige in Society.

For Libra Ascendant people wearing Emerald will help in Luck, Success, Control on expenditures, Religious tasks etc.

Scorpio & Sagittarius Ascendant people avoid wearing Emerald.

Capricorn & Aquarius Ascendant people will not be benefited too much by wearing emerald but if Aquarius Ascendant peoples are facing some problems in progeny related matters then wear Emerald in one hand and Yellow Sapphire in other hand.

For Ascendant Pieces people Emerald is not good gem.

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