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Love affairs & love Marriage – प्रेम सम्बन्ध और प्रेम विवाह

Love Marriage & Love Affairs

Now a days each & every Astrologer is being asked questions/queries regarding Love Affairs & Love Marriage. Each young individual is eager to know how compatible will be his/her life partner. They don’t get satisfy even after counseling and the question arises again & again. Through this article I will try to satisfy curiosity of my eager young readers (lovers).

Our Love relations are base of our Future. If conflicts arise between lovers then life seems gloomy. There are remedies to make relations healthy & pleasant in Astrology (but available only on request). You only need to understand what to do at the right time. Let’s know some secrets hidden in kundli about your partner which you don’t know.

We can know through 5th house in kundli or Venus regarding love. We can know all sources of Love affairs by Panchmesh means the master of rashi in 5th house. Only a Learned Astrologer can read this but on the basis of some planets situation we can ascertain how much we will succeed in love.

Sun position in 5th house in kundli is a sign of failure in love. Whatever efforts we make, our love affair can not last long.

Love relations happens whenever any favorable planet looks at 5th house in kundli and love relations gets sore whenever unfavorable planet looks at it.

If Panchmesh remains a favorable Planet or in favorable position then you get success in love.

If Moon is there in 5th house of kundli then a person is unstable in love. He will be unable to make relation for a long period of time. But if Moon is in high position or SWAGRAHI then it brings success in love.

If mars is in 5th house then it brings only failure in love. All efforts will go futile to make relations better. Altercations will be there in love marriage.

Person will be clever in love if Budh is there in 5th house of kundli. He knows very well how to mould lie into truth. The person will not be trustworthy if Rahu, Mars & Shani effecting Budh in kundli.

More than one favorable planet in 5th house indicates that there will be more than one love affair. If Shukra & Budh both are there in 5th house then there will be more than one love affair at one time.

Jupiter in 5th house indicates the person will be trustworthy and kind hearted. But if Jupiter is alone then love affairs will not be established.

Shukra in 5th house is a sign that practically it is not good. Though there will be many affairs. If Shukra is with lots of unfavorable planets then it is good not to trust that person in love affairs. Good or bad anything can happen if Shukra is there in 5th house.

A lot more can be written on this topic but because of lack of time I will only say the position of Shukra in this place is not a good sign. So please be careful.
Shani in this position indicates lack of enthusiasm toward love or not at all. Shani is for Big Things so if Shani is there in 5th house and some favorable planet is looking at it then Love will become worship in this case.

Presence of Rahu & Ketu in this place indicates there will be ups & downs in your relatioship.
For love marriage Panchmesh(which represents Lovers) & Saptmesh (Planet who helps in marriage to take place) both should sit together. If both are not there in janam lagna then see in Navmansh Chakra. If they are not there as well then this is not a appropriate Yog for love marriage.
If Panchmesh is there with Shukra then the possibility of Love Marriage is there. This Yog is for Males only for females Guru should be there with Panchmesh.

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  1. Hello Sir

    I am from Nagpur. My date and time of birth is 24 March 1992, 06:35 AM, Nagpur. I want to know Is there love marriage in my kundli

  2. Sir,

    Can u please tell me when my marriage happen?
    date of birth 16 october 1989. at pathanamthitta,kerala

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  5. Can u please tell me when my marriage happen?
    date of birth 16 october 1989. at pathanamthitta,kerala

  6. Hello Sir

    I am from Nagpur. My date and time of birth is 24 March 1992, 06:35 AM, Nagpur. I want to know
    1. Is there love marriage in my kundli
    2. from which state or city my wife will belong.
    3. What will be the starting alphabet of her name and
    4. which year and at what age i will get married.

    Because i love one girl from Meerut but her dad has fixed her relation to a boy from Delhi. Her DOB – 22 July 1993, 11:15 AM, Vrindavan. We met on social media. My parents talked to hers but afterwards her parents fixed her relation saying that we don’t want to send her very far from us.

    Are there any chances that her marriage cannot happen with that guy and i will marry her? Plz tell sir i m very tensed…

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  11. surjitha
    Please respond asap if their is inter cast marriage possibility in my chart

  12. Hello sir I am shivani dob 17/10/1989 time 11.09 am Delhi born . Sir please tell when I will get married. Searching groom since 3 years but all in vain. Please help sir.

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  15. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
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