Ascendant in Horoscope

Introduction to the Ascendant

Ascendant means 1st house has a special place in Horoscope. Ascendant analyzed for character, complexion, Phiz, Personality and influence of a person. Planet in this house of horoscope gets the power itself.

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus all these are benefic planets and Rahu, Mars, Saturn, Sun and Ketu are malefic planets. Planet in Ascendant makes a special impact on person’s life. This affects your nature.  Ascendant sign play’s an important role in order to bless the person. It is Ascendant who tells us how much person’s previous life is effecting on his present life. This place can also decide whether the person is true or a lair. Ascendant also tells us about a person’s health.

If sun is there in Ascendant it means the person is very ambitious.  He is invincible. He lives like Royals, Fearlessness, and Devotee to parents, Leadership virtues, are will be there in him. He is religious and works at high rank.

If Moon is in Ascendant then person will be emotional, boisterous, walking speed too fast, cheerful, witty and Coward.

If Mars is there in your Ascendant then person will be Manglik. Mars makes a massive effect on person’s life. Fights, injury, accidents etc. are normal in his life. But if Mars is in self sign, high sign, Mool Trikon, Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pieces sign then there is no fear of injury. Person will be diligent, busy and having scars of injury. Face will be glowing with redness.

If Mercury is there in Ascendant then person will be clever, amicable, quick witted, businessman, wealthy and money minded.

If Jupiter is in Ascendant then person is true, kind, scholar, lucky, dominant over wife and saint. He does not lack anything in life. Others are helpful to him. It is a kind of Royal life provided Jupiter must not be debilitated. 

If Venus is in Ascendant then person is liked between women, attractive if not beautiful, magnetic personality, voluptuous, shrewd and lucky. He will also be lazy.

If Saturn is in Ascendant then person is of tall stature, dark complexion, stays away from greed and avarice, solitary, ignorant and ambitious.

If Rahu is in Ascendant then person will be of mysterious nature. He himself does not know what his next step will be. He can prove to be dangerous if Rahu gets company of Saturn & mars. This type of person will be diplomatic, keeps enmity until takes retaliation. If Rahu is in Ascendant then married life will be unpleasant. If Rahu is of Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius or Capricorn sign then person will be short tempered and intransigent. This type of person’s wife will face miscarriage quite often.

If ketu is in Ascendant then person will be doing work related to electricity, hot tempered, greedy, voluptuous and of tall stature. These peoples body remains lean from lower side. If ketu is in Ascendant then also married life will be unpleasant. Divorce possibilities will always be there.

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