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If Red Coral is Not Suitable

If Red Coral is not Suitable

If the red coral is not suitable to you it could be very harmful for your health social life married life and the things related to Mars in your Horoscope.

The intensity of this gemstone is very high and even a 3 carat red coral could Harm you a lot. if not suitable the red coral will make you aggressive you will irritate on small things. you will definitely have fights your arguments with someone if this is not suitable to you in worst situation this site could lead to violence. So if you have such experience you should immediately remove this gemstone from your finger because if red coral suits someone the first thing will be you will become polite. There is no question of fights of arguments if this is suitable because red coral will definitely give you peace of mind and will give you relaxation just in case this is not suitable in the result will be opposite.

In your social circle and people around you will start looking the reason so that you get angry and they will irritate you suddenly the things will be changed and you will be in Vika position in front of your enemies.

The other side effect of red coral is you might have injury accident or you will be scared while driving without any reason. You will have in security feeling.

Mars have 3 aspect and forth its position so ultimately there are 4 things Where the Mars could harm a person. The side effect of this gemstone will also dependent on the placement of Mars in your Horoscope.

For example if the mars is in 3rd house of your Horoscope this will increase your enemies decrease your luck and decrease your performance 4th thing is the mars will affect your relations with your friends and family members.

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