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Marriage Horoscope

When Will I Get Married As Per Astrology

when will I get married

When you are unmarried the question arises in mind when will I get married or when the marriage will get settled. Being an astrologer I am answering this question from last few years. In this post I am going to explain about marriage prediction based on your marriage horoscope in detail. Fill your birth details in the form below Send ...

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Marriage with Ficus Tree to get marry soon

Marriage with ficus tree in astrology - पीपल के वृक्ष से विवाह

It happens many times that people are advised to marry a tree as a remedy to get rid of the bad (inauspicious) positions of planets in their birth chart. In this post, I am going to divert your attention to a topic about which nobody thinks. When is it advised to marry with a tree? When there is influence of ...

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Baglamukhi Mantra for Marriage.

Baglamukhi Mantra for Marriage

Marriage is an important turning point of life which provides a new direction to life. But sometimes delay in getting married becomes a cause of worry and the more delay in the marriage increases the probability of getting the wrong partner because of hurry in taking the decision.   There can be so many reasons behind delayed marriage. An age ...

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How the bad phase enters in your relationship ?

Marriage Astrology

The essence of the love you will find everywhere between the mother and her child , Between the girl and boy , between the friends.Love is that feeling which can’t be hear , can’t be see through our eyes but we can only feel that beautiful feelings. But the phase of love is changing as it totally depends on the ...

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When there is no luck to get married

When there is no luck to get married

Some of the rarest people are asking this question when will I get married or about marriage date and year but now with fed up mind they are asking whether I will get married or not because it is already too late. I have written a lot of articles on marriage prediction but sometimes marriage date prediction becomes too much ...

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Will you get married this year

Will you get married this year?

For marriage and all auspicious moments we analyze Jupiter and Venus. Out of these two planet this depends upon the Jupiter whether this year is good for marriage or not. I am going to share marriage prediction based on Jupiter’s transit in Leo and Leo to Virgo in 2017.  So let’s know how will be this year for you & ...

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Directions for marriage

Direction For Marriage

By direction I am not only telling you by East and West but sometimes we seek our partner in the wrong direction. Many people wants working lady and many girls wish to have a good and educated housewife for marriage. Sometimes people ignore very good marriage proposals against their need like if a lady have some affair in her past and ...

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How to match horoscopes for marriage

How to match horoscope for mariage

Usually people asks how to match horoscopes for marriage & good married life. The answer is love. This post will tell you how to match the horoscope perfectly. Love means emotions, feeling and attachment with each other. The unknown attraction to someone is also love. Feeling comes from Venus and Moon. They are ruling planet of love and emotions. If ...

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