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marriage yoga in horoscope 10

Marriage Yoga as per horoscope

In the present article I have chosen the topic Marriage Sanjog (Co-Incidence) as per the Horoscope chart in astrology. Here Sanjog means marriage yoga co-incidence.

August 38, 2013 Horoscope
Horoscope Kundli & marriage Yog 3

Kundli & Marriage Yog | Horoscope India | Online Astrologer

In this post I would explain about marriage yog in kundli (Horoscope). Whether you know astrology or you have shallow knowledge, by following these tips

June 04, 2013 Horoscope
When I will get married indian astrology 38

Is there love marriage yoga in my kundali

my friend told me that you help her in her problem, so pls help me too. you must be knowing what phase i am going

when will i get married astrology 1

When Will I Get Married Astrology

This question is frequently asked to me. Every person want to ask when will I get married and I have posted many articles on married

Second house of horoscope 0

Horoscope Second House

The Second house of the horoscope is also known as Dusra Bhav. With horoscope second house you can know about your family, wealth, your right

Just one Lucky Stone for all aspects of life 0

How to Choose Just one Lucky Stone

Why Multiple Gemstones Some people have often been seen wearing different Gemstones on their fingers. Some do it for their need and others wear it just for

February 31, 2013 Horoscope
Discover your hidden talent with Horoscope 1

Horoscope and Hidden Talent

Have you ever thought that you might have some characteristic properties or talents that you could have used to their fullest potential but you couldn’t

February 07, 2013 Blog, Horoscope
Role of Indian Astrology and Horoscope on Matrimony Life 0

Role of Astorlogy in Matrimonial Life

Horoscope is the magical mirror where you can see your future. If you have basics clear of horoscope, you can read your future. Daily I

January 48, 2013 Horoscope, Love Marriage
When I will get married. 2

As per astrology when will i get married

This question is very common. Here are the people who allowed me to publish their queries… ————————————————————————————————————————————————– Question:When I will get married order id FE3557

delay-in-marriage-and-astrology 1

Delay in Marriage | What Astrology Says

Delay in Marriage – What Astrology Says – शादी में देर ? क्या कहती है आपकी कुंडली Delay in marriage is commonly asked question. It

10741358-debtreductionexpertcom 0

Mantra for debt relief | Horoscope India | Online Astrologer

Debt is a situation which once seizes never let a person live his life happily. If debt increases then the indebted person can even think of committing

December 06, 2012 Blog, Horoscope
Horoscope-India 0

Debt and Horoscope

Debt is a situation which once seizes never let the person live his life happily. If debt increases then the indebted person can even think

August 21, 2012 Horoscope
Janma Kundali ninth house 0

Ninth House of Janma Kundali Horoscope

Janma Kundali and Ninth House According to Vedic Astrology, ninth house of the horoscope is the house of Fate, Religion, Destiny & Fortune. Jupiter is

July 12, 2012 Horoscope
Best one Lucky stone 0

Lucky Stone Blue Sapphire नीलम

Blue Sapphire is a famous gem. It is believed that it shows its impact within moments. As per my own experience if any gem or Semi-gem does not suit you

June 58, 2012 Lucky Stones
Emerald 2

Lucky Stone Emerald – पन्ना | Horoscope India | Online Astrologer

Emerald is a Green colored beautiful gem. Jewelry made with this gem is very costly because Emerald is very expensive gem stone. Emerald sold in

June 39, 2012 Love Marriage, Lucky Stones

The Mysterious World of Ketu | Horoscope India | Online Astrologer

Ketu is the torso (body) of Rahu, God Vishnu cut the head of Asur when he took the nectar furtively.As per the Vedic astrology, Ketu is

June 34, 2012 Horoscope
astrology-marriage 4

Astrology and Married Life | Horoscope India | Online Astrologer

Married life is a base where two life’s are at stake. We analyze from Janam Kundli how the relations will be between Husband and wife.

June 20, 2012 Blog
Horoscope and love marriage 4

Love affairs & love Marriage – प्रेम सम्बन्ध और प्रेम विवाह | Horoscope India | Online Astrologer

Love Marriage & Love Affairs Now a days each & every Astrologer is being asked questions/queries regarding Love Affairs & Love Marriage. Each young individual

June 10, 2012 Blog
Mercury in Kundli 0

Mercury in Kundli | Horoscope India | Online Astrologer

Let’s talk about the importance of Mercury in Kundli. Budh/Mercury is known to be son of Moon. As per astrology Mercury is Persuasive nature, To

June 54, 2012 Blog
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